- If the 'Properties' button is inactive, it means your monitor is properly configured. Click on the 'Browse...' button then select the appropriate drive F: ( CD-ROM Drive). Close all open windows and remove the CD. Why do I see horizontal & vertical disturbances or waving on the screen? Set the “View by” to “Large icons” or “Small icons”. Where can I find the model and serial number of my monitor? Is this normal? Darin wird dir die Bedienung des Gerätes erklärt. Another possible cause of this is a locked-up or in-operative computer since the computer is what supplies the monitor with all the display data or information. Try to change to a different resolution or refresh rate or try adjusting the brightness or contrast, if this doesn’t help, this indicates an internal problem with the monitor. Det är vårt mål att ge dig en bra skärmupplevelse, oavsett dina specifika behov. AOC 27B1H 27 inch monitor. Click on the 'Open' button, then click the 'OK' button. For more information, please refer to the User Manual under the 'Pixel Policy' section. check with the local dealer or AOC branch office for confirmation. Select 'Monitor' tab You need to install a video card driver instead. Since your video card is located inside your computer, you will have to contact your computer manufacturer for assistance. Please visit www.aoc-europe.com and visit our support page for the correct contact details for your country. Check the pin connector of your monitor video cable, verify that there are no damaged or bent pins, if everything looks fine; then this would indicate a failure inside the monitor. Why does white not look white in my picture? Click on 'Properties' button.

Please contact the pc or video card manufacturer for further help on driver configurations of your video card. You should verify this by trying the monitor on a different working system, when you plug the monitor into the computer you should get a display…if the monitor still doesn’t show an image on the different system, this indicates an internal problem with the monitor. Please stop installation. You should try to activate the Auto-Adjust feature. Adjust RGB color or select desired color temperature. Select the 'Install from a list or specific location [advanced]' radio button and then click on the 'Next' button. Please visit www.aoc-europe.com and refer to our support page for more information how to contact our technical support. Windows NT doesn’t require a monitor driver. The 27" 27B2H display delivers a simple high-quality experience that is ideal for both the modern office user and home user. Simply because they are used to help the website function, to improve your browser experience, to integrate with social media and to show relevant advertisements tailored to your interests. Select the 'Settings' tab then click on 'Advanced...'.

Open the "Update Driver Software-Generic PnP Monitor" window by clicking on “Update Driver... “and then click the "Browse my computer for driver software" button. Click "Start " and "Control Panel". These problems are caused by using an extension video cable or switch box. Policy för ansvar i samband med mineraler. How can I minimize the flicker on my screen? Contact your computer manufacturer for help. Restart the system. My monitor goes into sleep mode while I’m using it. Click "Update Driver..." in the "Driver" tab. All AOC displays are designed to be easy to use and install, and are manufactured to deliver the highest standards of performance. Click on the 'Driver' tab and then click on 'Update Driver...' button. Why cookies? Your monitor could be waiting for a signal from your computer. I’m using a MAC computer. Click the “OK” button. After the monitor has performed AUTO-ADJUST, press CANCEL to return to your regular desktop.

My display is missing one of the primary colors or it is showing tint color (pink, green, blue).What is the reason of this?

In order for the Plug & Play feature of the monitor to work, you need a Plug & Play compatible computer & video card. Then, double-click on "Appearance and Personalization". - If the 'Properties' button is inactive, it means your monitor is properly configured. Click "Close" → "Close" → "OK" → "OK" on the following screens displayed in sequence. Albania: 00355 - 0692099389Austria: 0043 - (0)720778934Belarus: 00375 - 017 2173386Belgium: +32 - 93520160Belgium: +32 - 93520160Bosnia and Herzegovina: 00387 - 030 718 844Bulgaria: 00359 - 2 9799935Croatia: 00385 - 40 363 977Cyprus: 00357 - 022 711330Czech Republic: 00420 - 0272 188 300Denmark: 0045 - (0)78755403Estonia: 00372 - 6813666Finland: 00358 - (0)942733064France: 0033 - (0)187650460Georgia: 995 - 322 91 34 71Germany: 0049 - (0)4030187700Greece: 0030 - (0)2112343080Hungary: 0036 - 1 800 1640Ireland: 00353 - (0)766701220Israel: 00972 - 0355 98 555Italy: 0039 - (0)0399685801Latvia: 00371 - 67436557Lithuania: 00370 - 0374 000 35Luxembourg: +352 - 20882806Macedonia: 00389 - 02 3202893Moldova, Republic of: 00380 - 056 7444225Netherlands: 0031 - (0) 20 2146202Norway: 0047 - (0)23964523Poland: 0048 - (0)221530232Portugal: +351 - (0)800-780316Romania: 0040 - 021 316 81 44Russian Federation: 8-800-220-00-04Serbia: 381 - 011 20 70 677Slovakia: 00421 - 0252 626 557Slovenia: 00386 - 01 530 08 24Spain: +34 - (0)910606717Sweden: 0046 - (0)812420830Switzerland: +41 - (0)445087553Switzerland: +41 - (0)445087553Turkey: 0090 - 212 444 4 832Ukraine: 00380 - 044 463 74 52United Kingdom: +44 - 2034558083. No. Außerdem sind darin wichtige Nutzungshinweise wie zum Beispiel der Pflege des AOC 27B2H thalten. You will have to contact the manufacturer of the adapter for the correct settings to use with your monitor. Make sure the power button is ON and the Power Cord is properly connected to a grounded power outlet and to the monitor. Monitor displays an “Out of Range” message. Select the 'Don't Search. Click on the 'OK' button and then the 'OK' button again to close the Display Properties dialog box. Check to see that the computer is not on power-saving mode by pressing any key or moving the mouse.

Do not use any paper products to clean the screen. (LCD monitor only). Sleek and super-thin design, flexible inputs, large 27" IPS panel with popping colours and eye-saving features. For more information, please refer to the User Manual under the 'Pixel Policy' section. Please refer to the user’s manual of the monitor for maximum resolution allowed for your monitor. Try turning on your computer and monitor in a different sequence. Click on the “Adapter” tab and you can check, or set the refresh rate from there. Make sure the monitor is set to run at its true or native resolution. Select 'Monitor' Please visit www.aoc-europe.com and refer to our support page for more information how to contact our technical support.

AOC 24B2XH 23.8 inch monitor. Select "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer". Select and click on the category „Appearance and Themes‟. You can find this on a small white sticker label on the back of the monitor. How can I tell what type of video card I have? Please visit www.aoc-europe.com and refer to our support page for more information how to contact our technical support. Please reference downloading driver information. This indicates an internal failure inside the monitor. I have color spots on the corner of my screen. If you do find any issues during installation, please contact Mac's technical support. Use the Windows Shut Down screen and activate the AUTO-ADJUST feature of your monitor. Click on the 'Finish' button then the 'Close' button. Please check the user’s manual for supported display mode or input and configure your computer to those settings. Select 'Specify the location of the driver(Advanced)' and click on the 'Next' button. The power light of my monitor is on and the color is amber, but there is no video or display. Move the mouse or press a key to de-activate the screen saver or power saving mode. If the light is not turning ON & OFF, the computer is non-functional. The files will be copied from the CD to your hard disk drive. If so, what settings do I use on the adapter? Ända sedan AOC grundades för ett halvt sekel sedan har vi specialiserat oss på displayteknik. To prevent this from happening again, make sure that you don’t exceed the maximum resolution of your monitor. What is the reason of this?

I will choose the driver to install' radio button. Click on the 'Start' button and then click on 'Control Panel'. Sleek looks and rich colours from every angle. Move electrical devices that may cause electrical interference as far away from the monitor as possible. Refer to the monitor's documentation for instructions on how to activate the Auto-Adjust feature. You can adjust the resolution in the DISPLAY PROPERTIES located in the Control Panel. Simply because they are used to help the website function, to improve your browser experience, to integrate with social media and to … Press the Start button and highlight the “Settings” option.Select the “Control Panel” folder.

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