Natural varieties of Kryptonite appear in crystalline forms of varying sizes, ranging from dust to large chunks in the case of green, red and even blue Kryptonite. A Green Kryptonite is also deadly to normal humans, but its effects take longer to fully develop. Fortunately, Professor Hamilton supplies Superman with a distinctive and durable lead protection suit for such situations.

Gold Kryponite also made an appearance in The Flash #175 when Superman and the Flash had to race to the end of the universe.

Blue Kryptonite was introduced in the seventh season of Smallville. The only case of it ever affecting humans occurred in the episode "Onyx", when an experiment with Green Kryptonite went awry and caused Lex Luthor to split in two. Why it is called "Slow Kryptonite" is because the rays sent out by normal Kryptonite are "fast" (high in frequency) and synced with the accelerated kryptonian body. Luthor ground down part of this kryptonite and used it to coat the bars of a cage to entrap the Man of Steel.

Slow Kryptonite is a variety of Kryptonite produced by Metallo that affects humans. Labs scientist created a "Hybrid Kryptonite," which has no effect on Kryptonians, but hurts humans. EUR 19,90 +EUR 27,87 Versand. Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. As cited in World's Finest Comics #159 (1966), Gold Kryptonite has an effective range of two feet. [10] Some accounts maintain paralysis is an effect of kryptonite exposure, although most depictions show victims still capable of limited movement. It exists primarily as a metallic ore, but can also be found in crystalline forms. Appearing only in the Challenge of the Super Friends episode "Super Friends, Rest in Peace", Krypton Steel was described by Lex Luthor as a "harmless form of Kryptonite" that only Superman could break. However, some enemies have occasionally used weapons with kryptonite projectile ammunition, which can not only seriously wound a Kryptonian, but surgical treatment can be difficult, with the resistance to injury in a yellow sun environment being a major complication. As mentioned above, the Krypto the Superdog episode "Streaky's Cat Tail" features "purple-spotted kryptonite", which causes Superdog to compulsively chase his tail. In the Pre-Crisis Continuity depending on the particular dimension such as Earth-One, there were many forms and shades of Kryptonite, while others showed only one form such as Earth-Two and Earth-Three. It is harmless to Kryptonians. Green kryptonite remains the only variety of the substance ever seen in the DCAU. In Post-Crisis continuity, silver Kryptonite demonstrates certain mystical properties that are of great value to the supernatural community. Lex Luthor steals it from a Metropolis museum and uses it in his quest to create a new kryptonite landmass, much like how young Clark created the Fortress of Solitude. The effect of this Kryptonite could be everlasting until Luthor confessed to Clark Kent that the fifth-dimensional elf gave him the rock, without knowing Superman's alter ego. During this time Clark was also immune to the effects of Green Kryptonite. Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel did write a story in 1940 that involved a piece of Krypton, referred to as The K-Metal from Krypton, which robbed Superman of his strength while giving humans superpowers, but the story was never published. In Pre-, The character Doctor Psycho was debuted by William Moulton Marston and H. G. Peter. But as recently shown, if a Kryptonian is using their superhuman abilities in any dangerious effect at the time they exposed to this artifical Gold K, those exposed Kryptonians will be rendered completely powerless and can die from the situation they are in at the time of their depowering such as Zod's followers who attacked Metallo. Red Kryptonite has appeared and is stated as having weird effects on Kryptonians for a day; it has swapped the minds of Kevin and Krypto, and removed Krypto's powers. (Adventures Comics #252), Anti-Kryptonite – This could easily be called Reverse-Kryptonite, but basically it has no effect on Kryptonians — but it is extremely lethal for humans. In Post-Crisis continuity, Krimson Kryptonite appeared as an artificial construct of Mr. Mxyzptlk that eliminated Superman's powers. In addition, he uses a shard leftover from processing it to create a kryptonite shiv, which he uses to stab Superman with at one point. Appeared in, A form of filtered/purified Kryptonite. A synthetic kryptonite created by Brainiac that mutated Superman, this variety made him grow a third eye on the back of his head. Post-Crisis this is the formal name of the kryptonite source of the first antimatter universe that the reformated Clark Kent of the Crime Syndicate of AmeriKa is powered by. Instead of being lethal, it restored Superman's powers. Developed by Gus Gorman, it was intended to be a copy of green kryptonite. Red Kryptonite made an appearance in the second season episode "Super Menace". Kryptonite is a fictional material that appears primarily in Superman stories.

No two chunks of Red Kryptonite have the same effect. Thanks to Nilesh, Alicat, mica_mason, pze0n, Sophie for correcting these lyrics.

The ring had been a trap set by Zor-El, to strip Clark of his powers. As shown in the Action Comics Annual #10, Lex Luthor put a piece of red, green, gold, and blue kryptonite into Metallo. Also created for the series was black kryptonite (first appearing in the episode "Crusade"), which is capable of separating certain entities within individual organisms, e.g., splitting a person's good and evil sides. Preisvorschlag senden - Kryptonite Motorrad Bike Schloss New York Disc Lock. Action Comics #591 would formally have Kryptonite as a compound in the Post-Crisis DCU. Luthor has successful recreated Gold in the New Earth dimension which strips all power processing of Kryptonians' bodies though seemingly is only temporary in its effect and not permanent unlike the Pre-Crisis Earth One Gold Kryptonite. It strips or rather suppresses Clark's powers, at least for a time. In some situations, the effects of Gold Kryptonite can also rob a victim of his memory, as was the case with the Phantom Zone criminal, Quex-Ul. For Free. [3] Also, some Kryptonian technology can neutralize the effects of Kryptonite.

The substitution of tar (which Gorman used after glancing at a cigarette carton) for a crucial, but unknown, component resulted in the synthetic kryptonite behaving like a combination of red kryptonite and black kryptonite; in this case, the kryptonite turned Superman evil and eventually split him into two people. As Superman lies dying from the metal's affects, Lois and Jimmy rescue. Opal Kryptonite is a synthesized version of Kryptonite that was created by Terrence Sloan on Earth 2, which can apparently drive Kryptonians temporarily insane.

Over time, a Kryptonian may develop a slight immunity to the effects of green Kryptonite, but ultimately, green K radiation will poison the body's cell structure resulting in death. This characteristic is not a constant however, and it has been theorized some victims of Gold Kryptonite may be able to sire offspring born with natural Kryptonian abilities. On the show, not only is green kryptonite (referred to in the first two seasons of the series as "meteor rock") harmful to Clark Kent, but it can produce bizarre changes in humans, animals, and plants, typically turning them into powerful mutant menaces, commonly known by the denizens of Smallville as "Meteor Freaks," that Clark must oppose. Additionally, blue Kryptonite retains its effects under Krypton's red sun enabling Jor-El to de-power the Orb clones with a piece of it. To Superboy's surprise, the resulting mineral had the effect of healing Bizarro, curing the instability that threatened to make him violently explode. Kryptonite can be used as a powerful energy source. However, this has not been acknowledged within the comic books.

Jewel Kryptonite possesses the ability to amplify the psychic powers of people in the Phantom Zone. Exposure to Kryptonite can wield a wide variety of effects depending upon its color and present form. The effect is so potent that even a tiny shard is enough to painfully affect Superman at a short distance. Trask had the paranoid belief that Superman was the first agent of an alien invasion. Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? In Supergirl (Volume 4) #79, when Linda Danvers takes the original Kara Zor-El's place and arrives in the Pre-Crisis era, there is a comical scene where Superman is apparently exposed to Pink Kryptonite, with the implication that it temporarily turned him gay. The opalescent translucency is something that it very hard to find on current color charts." In another episode, "Darkseid's Golden Trap", gold kryptonite appears, which is stated to have an effective range of 20 ft (6.1 m).

This Red Kryptonite turned Superboy evil, much like Red K would later do in the "Smallville" TV Series, except only a single exposure to it was required, rather than constant exposure. It played key roles in the 1982 limited series "The Phantom Zone", as well as in three noncanonical stories, namely the 1986 tale Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? Red kryptonite has also been shown in Smallville. In Supergirl #79, when Linda Danvers takes the original Kara Zor-El's place and arrives in the Pre-Crisis era, there is a comical scene where Superman is apparently exposed to Pink Kryptonite, with the implication that it temporarily turned him gay. In the series, after Clark's "reprogramming" by Jor-El in the caves, Martha Kent used black kryptonite to reveal the two psyches of Clark, the militant Kal-El (not to be confused with the rebellious "Kal" alias caused by red kryptonite), and normal Clark. Long term and high-level exposure to green kryptonite can be fatal to Superman.

In the film, Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman) and his cronies track a large chunk to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where they steal it from a museum under the cover of night. (Superman #61), Red Kryptonite – Severely weakens Kryptonians more so than the traditional green kryptonite, but has also been known to cause bizarre mood swings and even mutations. He also used this to cover his eye. In post-Crisis comics, long-term exposure to kryptonite is known to have the same effects on human beings as exposure to Earth-born radioactive materials; these effects include cancer. Gives Kryptonian powers to humans permanently. Professor Emil Hamilton used the term "Kryptonite-X" (, Although a hoax in the continuity of the comics, Silver Kryptonite appeared in the television series, In "Panic in the Sky", Superman’s attempt to shift a meteor hurtling toward earth leaves him with amnesia. Kryptonite's radioactivity possibly interferes with this process, driving the energy out of his cells in a painful fashion.

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