Learn More. We provide a research and learning environment for Nigerians at home and in the diaspora. Kindly do check back. well. The geological history and phases of volcanic activity of both older and younger granite, as well as older and younger basalt on the Jos Plateau account for the varying granitic and basaltic surfaces and imposing landforms and the tremendous tin deposits as well as numerous waterfalls on the plateau. Sitemap | Thanks for your visit, Ossyna. No thief our contents o or else we report you to Google. Well Intake,. Thanks so much for your kind words, dear Aisha Ayomide Raji. You’re welcome, Aisha Wada. The story of two Nigerian priests who were sent to the Highlands due to staff shortages in the Roman Catholic Church is the subject of a new documentary. This is grassland zone but the slopes are covered by forests. quite explicit and informative,a very big thanks to you. I think it’s a wonderful idea I love the write up on the division. The Asaba upland forms the western extension of the Awka-Oriu scarpland. This is encouraging. OldNaija Historical Exhibition Project. Really, I like this; though it seems the Past teaches that it teaches nothing especially to the present Nigeria.Meanwhile, there is an attach ‘President Ibrahim Badamsi’ to your discussion. Please, help OldNaija grow by telling your friends. Below is a list of the zones and the states that fall under each of them. We’re really glad to have been of help. Another feature is the occurrence of artesian reservoirs, which serve as important sources of water supply. Oyo State, Ekiti State, Osun State, Ondo State, Lagos State and Ogun State. we should not be sentimental, it will give room for more and proper development of some state and the will be a checkmate to some who believe they are grater than others. Afeature of this uniform landscape is the seasonal flooding of the immedi- ate lowlands and valley flood plains during the wet season. It Is Educating And Useful. Kindly do check back. All the following highlands in Nigeria are composed of basement complex rocks except the, {{ settings.no_comment_msg ? The Idanre Hills rise to about 900m while numerous peaks rising above 600m can be seen from the Oyo area, through the llesha/Ekiti areas, to the Kabba district area. The Niger-Benue all-season drainage system, further cuts the uplands into three: (ii) the eastern and north-eastern high- lands, and. Kindly do check back. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full credit is given to OldNaija which must include appropriate and specific backlink to the original content on our website. Nice job, keep it up but, fairness in structuring should be considered in next division. very educative,thank u 4 posting dis.It’s useful even 4 my younger ones in school. Infact, Very Useful Nd Educating. The surface area of the country is approximately 923,800 sq. I love ds update. km and, with over 100m people, Nigeria is the most populous African nation. Kindly give us credit and backlink. Kindly do check back. Our contribution to its development can make it great again. But please can the map be a little clearer? Kindly do check back. This really helped,sure I can ask a question?pls we have the north,East,West and South,what is the name of the countries or 0ceans closer to each of them?thank u. The region is heavily dissected by swift-flowing rivers taking their sources from the area and flowing into the Benue and Cross rivers. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for your question, Mrs/Miss Chidinma. Thank you very much, this is very useful. Hmmmmm. how will God bless Nigeria when there is injustices in every where in the country. Thank you so much for your nice and encouraging words, Mrs Funmi Kalejaye. Kindly do check back. Thank you for your visit and feedback, Angela. We will try adding it. The physiognomy and altitudinal zonations of the highland vegetation are discussed. Very interesting and educative write up, honestly,I don’t know some of this geopolitical zones and the states under them as such, now I know, thanks. Thank you for your visit and encouraging comment, Mr. Saidu Abdul’azeez Balarabe. For how long shall we continue deceiving ourselves?. Location and Spatial Extent: Nigeria is located within the western coast of Africa, slightly north of the Equator. These rocks account for the areas of uplift composed of basement complex formations and areas of lowland in the basins of sedimentation composed of deposits of tertiary rocks. We are very sure sir. The coastal lowlands to the west depict a remarkably intricate network of lagoon inlets, meandering creeks and extensive lagoons, with the Lagos Lagoon representing the largest lagoon system in West Africa. Originally it was northern region and the south was western region, eastern region and mid-western region so out of one the northern region we have 20 (including FCT) states and out of four southern regions we have only 17 – what a daylight robbery. Amen. We should tell ourself the truth, Buhari is not and he can never be a patriot. Thank you, Mr. GUDEL SOLOMON IBRAHIM. More breeze to your elbow. Kindly visit again. Nigeria is called one Nigeria only in words and never In deeds. They are underlain by young sedimentary forma- tions with a well-drained surface. Is it actually BADAMSI …? Well done job, but does each political zones have its headquarters? I really appreciate them. God bless u. Amen! Its most important all-season river is the Shari, which flows from the Cameroun Republic. It’s our pleasure, Mr. Ihuoma Okpara. Thank you, Kutmang leyitnan. Your comment is highly appreciated, Mr. Abos, Cantral nigeria not northen cantral nigeria, great job it educated students a lot ,God bless you keep it up. Why do we see S/S as minority despite it six sub-units but refer to the S/E as majority? NORTH CENTRAL (7 States) Niger State, Kogi State, Benue State, Plateau State, Nassarawa State, Kwara State and the Federal Capital Territory. It’s actually BADAMASI. Pls keep it up also if possible add their different histories and cultures. You Might Also Like. I see it useful to those that want to learn about other countries. You are welcome, Mr. Oziengbe Victor Ehinomen. Thank you for your visit and comment, Mr. Shafiu Ibrahim Anchau. We sure need restructuring in this country,I never had an insight of why some elder states men from a specific geopolitical region clamour for restructuring bit now I see.I stand for restructuring…. It’s relevant but I feel there should be much clearer maps on each geopolitical zones, which will make it easy for users. Thank you for your visit and kind words, Skyboyhandsome. Thank you for observing, Hanghung. The south should wake up. Kindly do check back. Thank you for your visit and nice words, Mrs/Miss Ajiboye Dorcas. The Jos Plateau is a volcanic formation, which today is an erosional highland standing at about 1,300m a.s.l. To the southwest of it, and close to the Niger valley near Onitsha, are the Awka-Orlu uplands which terminate with an east-facing escarpment into the Mamu valley. me likkkeeee. I’m glad it was. am api to see a site which share and at the same time educate someone positively. Thank you for your visit and kind words, Mrs/Miss Onyebiri Chioma Jane Frances. Kindly do check back. Cheers! There are a few isolated highlands of volcanic rocks on the Jos and Biu plateaus, as well as on the Mandara highlands to the far east, along the Nigeria-Cameroun border, which are underlain by the basement complex of massive granitic formation.

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