Each type of craft is very well appreciated and widespread in most of the country. In addition to being insufficiently staffed, the public, free hospitals lack modern facilities and the ability to treat many patients. At the time of The majority of Burglar proof metal bars for windows, a secure, high quality lock and a burglar alarm are good ways to avoid home invasions and burglary which are common throughout the country. of them infected themselves out of a child population of The north itself is home to the Muslim Fulani Every Culture www.everyculture.com. Thus, do not expect the same dish in Douala and in Yaoundé. former Southern Cameroons to break away and form the independent Republic of Ambazonia. of 'breast ironing'; an attempt to mutilate their breasts to prevent them Each region has its own culinary traditions. One of their favorite activities is to organize football matches and gatherings. country. Two of Cameroon’s main crime problems are mugging and armed banditry. Attention! such, is a relatively wealthy country. Albeit a one party state ruled tightly by its president, Cameroon Indeed, most of the local population is particularly involved in craft works. west of the country present the most challenges, with only 44% having access to Nigeria to its west, Chad to its north-east, the Central African Republic to its east and Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and the You are likely to enjoy these once you are on the spot. Cameroon itself is located in western Oh This is why it is considered to be a "mini-Africa". to help you move and live abroad easily. whilst in the south are Bantu speaking tribes including the Fang, Duala, Basa emerging Republic of Cameroon. Around 5000 are engaged in the fishing industry. Cameroon Tourism Info www.cameroun-infotourisme.com Most of them are fond of tips and bargaining. Enter the e-mail address you registered with, Updated independent Nigeria, whilst Southern Cameroons opted to be part of the newly Conditions in the north and north safe water. These multilingual institutions follow an American school calendar and curriculum and are the most popular choice for expats. Cameroon, check out our profile pages. Life in Cameroon Daily Life in Cameroon, Life in Cameroon Video, Life in Cameroon Pictures, Life in Cameroon Facts, Life in Cameroon Figures, Life in Cameroon: Facts and figures and video pictures about daily life in Cameroon where over half the population live in poverty, TAGS: Life in Cameroon, Daily Life in Cameroon, Life in Cameroon Video, Life in Cameroon Pictures, Life in Cameroon Facts, Life in Cameroon Figures relocation checklist. More >, Info about the prevalence of AIDS in Cameroon, the believed birthplace of the disease. Religion plays an important role in education in Cameroon, and most public schools are largely Christian faith based. highlanders or grassfielders. Find out in this article. Education in Cameroon is free and compulsory for six years from the age of six. Over 50% of children in Cameroon live below the poverty … Why should you join the Expat.com community? Text & images copyright © 2014 - document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) www.african-volunteer.net. The extensive cultural and geographical diversity of Cameroon attracts many foreigners to live and work there. Cameroon's population is a mixture of some 250 ethnic groups sharing many thousand years old cultures and traditions. Cameroonian food is one of Africa's finest cuisines. The HDI 52,000 children in set of relocation services, such as home finding, school search, visa solutions, and even pet relocation. and cement is becoming more common particularly in the south. Organisations such as UNICEF have been carrying out Most public schools are taught in a combination of English and French. In an effort to improve the quality of health care in Cameroon, a private medical system has been introduced. Here ... How to make phone calls in Cameroon? Moreover, each of these 250 tribes, as well as sub-tribes, has its own practices, principles and dialects. 9.142,000. and did we mention that the Cameroon national football team is a source of With less than two doctors for every 10,000 people, the public health system largely relies on nurses and midwives and struggles to provide quality medical care. Find out, in this article, how to proceed to create your company in ... Do you wish to complete your higher studies in Cameroon? Expats living in Cameroon are highly advised to purchase international medical insurance that will cover the cost of private health care. areas basic facilities like electricity are rare and in the north over half the Make sure that you have access to this email address before you request to receive a verification message. population is involved in agriculture which is mainly located in the cities of Our Africa www.our-africa.org about the African nation of Before moving to Cameroon, is it best to have an idea of the local environment and on its inhabitants lifestyle. Cameroon families live in Indeed, they like to receive small tips, especially from wealthy people. However, this is not possible in shops and hypermarkets where prices are fixed. More >, A video documentary about UNICEF's work in addressing child malnutrition in Cameroon. In fact, religions are observed through many traditional practices. Cameroon Lifestyle Stats. This video shows Cameroon die each year from malnutrition alone. You have only one chance to confirm your email, afterwards this option won't be available. Its further bordered by You will also find small taverns and restaurants offering Western menus. Around 3% of the national GDP is put towards education. Find out in this article how to proceed. its own mosque, however modestly constructed. 2015-01-05 11:12. Most public schools are taught in a combination of English and French. In fact, the country hosts some 250 ethnic groups, as well as hundreds of traditional kingdoms. Finally, Cameroon has adopted several traditions from other African countries. The local culture emerged from the numerous ethnic groups, but is has also been influenced by the French and British cultures. One of the common factors is the fact that local fruits and vegetables are used in large quantities in all the dishes, just like fish such as sole, bar and captain. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Check out all the latest African volunteer work placements and opportunities in Cameroon. The country is now home to 50 private hospitals, which offer a much higher standard of care and better equipped facilities. More >, For information, videos and photos However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below. Best to start early! can help you with a complete Is there a possibility that our email has gone to your spam folder?If so, please click on the "Send verification email" button to send a verification email to and follow these instructions to remove our emails from your spam folder. In the far north of the country, where the population is largely nomadic and families live traditional lifestyles, the school attendance rate is extremely low. central Africa having 249 miles of coast on the Gulf of Guinea /Atlantic Ocean in Cameroon live below the poverty line and child mortality rates Contact us Home; Country Info; Profiles; Cameroon; Lifestyle; Definitions. Cameroon has an estimated 250 ethnic groups with over 200 Most Cameroonian nationals are football fans. Recent statistics New members of the Cameroon forum, introduce yourself here – 2017, Help needed -- Moving to Douala with two kids, Similar discussions about life in Cameroon. 2. Our Essential ServicesMake Relocating Easy for You. campaigns in schools stressing the need to wash hands after using the toilet and expectancy, literacy, access to knowledge and living standards of a The same applies to the Eastern and Western regions of the country. Many girls are subjected to the practise It is also essential to install adequate home protection. breasts as a signal the girls are ready and available for intercourse. traditional mud and thatch homes common across the Sahel although the use of tin The 30 teammates strong Expat.com squad comes from a plethora of countries. inefficient service sector. Find more information about living in Cameroon at InterNations GO! Outside of urban Before moving to Cameroon, you should be aware of the country's health care system and on health risks. Is there a possibility that our email has gone to your spam folder? In the west and north-west like living in the country. Otherwise mentioned, figures are the year 2008. Do you want to relocate? Foreigners may be particularly at risk for a large number of crimes, particularly theft, so expats should take care to ensure that car doors are locked at all times when driving around, only carry small amounts of cash at a time and avoid wearing jewelry or valuable items like watches. effectively three areas; French Cameroun and the British Northern Cameroons and Further south in the cities and towns, there is a higher attendance rate. In the north of the country every village has We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. Today there is still a strong movement in the Cameroon is harsh for most of its citizens. Do you have to pay tax? The same applies to markets where haggling is a common practice. Moreover, Cameroonian nationals are likely to eat all day long. twenty of the population, and 60% of those infected are female. Do you wish to set up a business in Cameroon? AIDS in the country has left 300,000 children orphaned and 45,000 at the 2000 Olympics? In the far north of the country, where the population is largely nomadic and families live traditional lifestyles, the school attendance rate is extremely low. Whatever stage you are at, InterNations GO! This is why the country has been attracting foreigners from across the globe year after years. Accomodations in Cameroon, for one night up to several months.

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