Holster. : True Companions: In Jumanji's backstory, Dr. Bravestone saved Mouse Finbar from a warlord in the Peruvian jungle, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Seaplane McDonough Moose Finbar Ultra Magnus and Windblade as Dr. Smolder Bravestone’s Parents Truffles as Nora Shepherd Miss Honey as Bethany's English teacher Jessie as Lucinda Hiro Hamada as Fussfeld Moonracer as Cyclone Gallery: Ash Ketchum as Spencer Gilpin. Alex : That's how it is. “Where’s my phone? Condition: Good Learn more about Prop Store's condition statements here. Family member(s): : Full Name A sinister warlord named Jurgen The Brutal (Rory McCann) has stolen the Falcon Jewel, which provides growth to the land in Jumanji, but has now brought a drought in its absence. While Smolder is supposed to be on lookout, his temper gets the best of him and he soon is involved in the 40 person brawl. Who is Jumanji? We're gonna take this nice and slow, and nobody's gonna get hurt. : Now blast off! This was undone when time was rewound. Portrayed by: I want to stay with you, like this. Yeah, you never look. I'm not stupid, Spencer! : Smolder stops a woman trying to escape with his jewel. Jumanji: The Next Level: Jurgen the Brutal, Television Dr Smolder Bravestone No we're not, Alex Vreek, everybody in Brantford knows about you. Moose Finbar Legendary AdventurerExplorerArcheologist He even wanted Martha as Ruby to stay with him. Well, I just - I think I just pressed my... my enormous left pec. : Professor Shelly Oberon : Milo chooses to stay in Jumanji due to his declining health condition, while the rest of the players were transported back to the real world. Game : Moose Finbar Moose Finbar : I saw you fix a helicopter in mid-air! Professor Shelly Oberon After he saved Franklin "Mouse" Finbar's life from a warlord in Peru, he has never left Dr. Bravestone's side. His symbol on the player select screen is a compass, reflecting his role as an archaeologist, explorer, and adventurer. Franklin "Mouse" FinbarShelly OberonRuby RoundhouseSeaplane McDonoughNigel BillingsleyMing FleetfootProfessor Van Pelt (formerly) After receiving a letter from the Field Guide Nigel Billingsley, he arrived in "Jumanji"with his companions to answer the call for aid to life the curse. Okay, good boy. So sick of this game. Jurgen , Professor Shelly Oberon Spencer/Dr. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Smolder Bravestone's parents - Mentioned to have been killed by Jurgen the Brutal. Skills: Dr. Smolder Bravestone Seaplane McDonough I looked at mine within the first 20 seconds of getting here. Scene Reference: Production created prototypes of Dr. Smolder Bravestone's belt he wore with his costume. Professor Shelly Oberon He killed Dr Bravestone’s parents? We always only have one life, man. : YOU'VE BEEN IN THIS GAME FOR 20 YEAR! Moose Finbar Just stay out of my way Spencer! Remember to aim. Sorry. Marinette is not impressed with Bravestone’s muscles. This was undone when time was rewound. Thanks to Smolder's aggressive behaviour they are soon chased down by a large herd of ostriches. : Are you seriously asking me that? CunningLeadership skillsHigh intelligence Like to see you try. Luckily Martha is inside Ruby Roundhouse, but Fridge is inside of Shelly Oberon and Milo is inside of Franklin "Mouse" Finbar. Until you needed me to do your homework because you couldn't do it yourself. They quickly realize it is Spencer in the avatar of an Asian thief named Ming Fleetfoot. Dr. Smolder Bravestone After he saved Franklin "Mouse" Finbar's life from the darkest warlord in Peru, he has never left Dr. Bravestone's side. : Occupation : Moose Finbar : I saw you fix a helicopter in mid-air! Just come home. He is reborn before their eyes and the entire group is soon picked up by their guide Nigel Billingsley. Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) Dwayne Johnson as Bravestone But for Jumanji, she da bomb. He is vulnerable to attacks by a man named. Dr. Smolder Bravestone : But Martha knew better and declined his offer, citing that they should take what they have learned in "Jumanji" and live that way in Brantford too. : : [after training Ruby Roundhouse to be alluring]  : DA BOMB? Jurgen was first mentioned in a letter from the NPC Nigel Billingsley given to the players before they spawn at the Dunes. And if the jewel is not returned soon, it may be too late. Which is why we called for you, and your brilliant associates. Dr. Smolder Bravestone Ruby Roundhouse Feeding his pet hyenas. [Unzipping his pants]  He was also a former colleague of Professor russel Van Pelt. : 2017 Carol-Anne Parrish - Died before the present events, likely for similar reasons to Sam. Goals Spencer recovers while the ironclad crashes into one of Zathira Fortress's towers. The Machine (Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs), https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Jurgen_the_Brutal?oldid=4009595, Dr. Xander "Smolder" Bravestone/Spencer Gilpin, Franklin "Mouse" Finbar/Anthony "Fridge" Johnson, Jefferson "Seaplane" McDonough/Alex Vreeke, Professor Sheldon "Shelly" Oberon/Bethany Walker. : He has a sort of intensity about him that can make him seem attractive when saying certain things. Jumanji Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. | While on a plane, Nigel explains the game and drops all four of them off in the middle of the desert. How do you know me? Official Sites The fact that I'm not Instagramming this right now is insane. Components: Belt. | 20 years? Moose Finbar i should kick the shit out of you right now. You got me kicked off the team and you got me stuck in whatever this is. After an unexpected terrifying level of trying to jump from bridges to bridge to make it to the other side, they are greeted by Alex Vreeke and Bethany in the avatars of Seaplane McDonough and Cyclone. Information When he was a boy, Xander's parents were murdered by the dastardly Jurgen the Brutal. Moose Finbar : : However, he killed him before feeding him to his hyenas for his failure. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, https://jumanji.fandom.com/wiki/Smolder_Bravestone?oldid=12764, He is very strong and tough. 7 Danny Glover’s Casting Danny Glover’s career has been straying away from his Lethal Weapon glory days. Scorpion recipient - Stung by a scorpion, at the command of Van Pelt. : Spencer is now in his old avatar of Smolder. Professor Shelly Oberon Dr. Smolder Bravestone : It's a lot easier to be brave when you've got lives to spare. : Moose Finbar Technical Specs. But still fly. Ruby Roundhouse What are you mad at me for? :

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