It's one of my favorite versions. The track is a legendary Christmas song, of which a simple melody and playful lyrics open up the possibilities for many different variations. I didn't like Taylor Swift's version although I like her in other songs. Cynthia Basinet is an actress, singer, and former lover of Jack Nicholson. Ariana has the vocal chops to easily top Eartha's classic. Madonna's recording of this song benefitted the Special Olympics. The Herald Angels Sing (medley), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Previously, I never would have considered Macy Gray for this song. Now I can't get this song out of my head! My favorite songs of the season happen to be the fun and mischief type, such as "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer," or the Chipmunks, and a few others that I can't remember right now; there's a tape I have somewhere that parodies some of the popular tunes, by a group who called themselves "The Fallen Angel Choir." Some cover versions honor the original artist's style while others are reinterpretations. Do you know any background info about this track? Next one is, "Mary, Did You Know?". Hope you do one for "Winter Wonderland" too since it's one of my all time favorites. I'll have to adapt the polls from here on out! Although I wanted to like this perky version of "Santa Baby" from the EP, Colbie Caillat's performance of it seemed simply off, lackluster. LOL. You may be overthinking it. Thereafter, the whole world became confused. Angels We Have Heard On High/Hark! All in all, this was a lot of fun, Flourish. But only the best and biggest with all the fancy bells and whistles, of course. Doing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer as my next song, and there are some doozies. Based on this performance, Santa will be doing a flyby over the narrator's house this year. Thus uses her womanly assets to obtain what she wants. Start the wiki, Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree, for meI've been an awful good girl, santa babySo hurry down the chimney tonightSanta baby, a '54…. In the Christmas song, Cynthia Basinet's voice is appropriately forefront. Very funny. I love this song very much, so ! Very interesting article. One surely wouldn't expect these singers to forego their profits during the Christmas season because making money from such joyful yuletide songs is not in keeping with the spirit of the holidays. Further, her voice jumps around, as if the Grammy Award-winning musician cannot decide on how to portray the narrator—soft and sexy or instead, full, throaty, and with gusto? The narrator feels entitled to the good things in life even if she cannot afford them herself. After playing it (different versions) repeatedly it's almost a theme in my house. This cover version is towards the bottom of the rankings for good reasons. To be fair, though, there are probably just as many redneck types who would fit that stereotype. Enjoy your Holiday Season, Flourish, with all your loved ones and Kitties too! Add an image, Do you know any background info about this artist? Thanks for commenting and have a wonderful holiday. I had to click out of his video as well. Go directly to shout page, Do you have any photos of this artist? In fact, I applaud their skills and entrepreneurial spirit. Taylor, who I adore, makes the song sound more like someone not to be considered seriously. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on December 12, 2018: Shanon - Marilyn actually never released this song but someone who has been mistaken as her (see #5 on the list) did release it. Liz - Since you don't celebrate Christmas, then Happy Yule at the Winter Solstice to you! This is one of my favorite holiday songs. Those vocals were sultry and intimate, as if Marilyn was going to lick him on the spot whereas Basinet's cover doesn't ooze with this brand of sex appeal. Here's how it happened. Was she trying to sound like a wind-up doll? How could you possibly cover all the Christmas songs? A new version of is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. Give me the original any time--I'm old fashioned. Not everyone comes in first. Glad she got up again. Other singers performed similar moves – notably, Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson both … Surprising! However, we need to remember that these are professionals we’re ranking here, not kids in the Christmas pageant at the local church. Nithya Venkat from Dubai on December 01, 2018: A wonderful song sung by so many talented singers but I like Gwen Stefani’s rendition of the song. Not everyone even delivers their personal best. The singer-songwriter has since released several EPs. Sadly, not everyone gets a trophy. Wonderful work. Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on December 03, 2018: You've come up with a great idea for an article, Flourish. Merry Christmas! One certainly wouldn't buy ALL the different versions of a song just because it's Christmastime and one wants to forego hurt feelings among the singers. LOL. In this offering of "Santa Baby," Pickler's vocals are pleasant but not outstanding, and they have a nasal twinge. I often find it difficult to "choose one" from a group or long list but in this case, I'll go with Britney Spears, because she puts me in mind of the perfect female to sing this particular song. The Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter recorded her EP, Christmas in the Sand with a nod to all the warm weather places that celebrate the holidays. Merry Christmas! The greedy girl describes how well-behaved she's been, then Santa's sassy gal pal slips him her holiday wish list, seeking to persuade the old fart to lavish her with a variety of over-the-top gifts. That's just not normal! I still think Marilyn Monroe sings Santa Baby the best. There are no unnecessary instrumentals and background sound effects to distract from her magical voice. Who do YOU prefer? Shannon - I've played this more times in the last few days than in the last few years, I think! At one point Gray's narrator seems to tell Santa what to bring her rather than ask him (e.g., "Santa honey, one little thing I really need: the deed to a platinum mine").

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