Part 42 of my playthrough of Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward on the Playstation 4 with Zero Escape: The Nonary Games. On the PS Vita version, getting this ending gives the achievement Arms Race. I looked down. Even if they're on the moon, it's just a really tough pill for me to swallow. TENMYOUJI: You can't "wait" for something that's already happened. They're both excellent games. KYLE: Strictly speaking, you can't combine velocities with v1 + v2. Also, many people throughout the game made comments about your age. Akane said Kyle went to the thrid game and ? I regret nothing. January 27th, 2074. If so, how did he know he had that ability if it hadn't been developed yet? You'll fill up the chart slowly but surely. That's why people at the river's source, in the past, will never know about those downstream, in the future. He hadn't just worn the armor in that history, though... apparently he'd worn it all his life. Shouldn't you still be suffering from amnesia? I don't know, I enjoyed it overall. Why would all of that disappear if you told me what I want to know? KYLE: That's ridiculous! and that timeline version of older Sigma, whose switching ability isn't fully developed yet, is able to jump into the other timeline version of Sigma where he does get knocked out so young Sigma can jump to 2074 and increase his powers? PHI: It's kind of like the relationship between classical mechanics and modern physics. PHI: You're about to go back to the past, right? That means that (1 + (v1 * v2) / c ^ 2) is usually going to evaluate to something pretty close to 1. Discussion, News, and everything else involving the Zero Escape series, including 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, and Zero Time Dilemma. Instead of going along the line that branches out to the right from point E, you headed straight to point D. Point D being April 13th of the following year. There weren't any unnecessary characters in VLR. Finally, I liked how it explained itself pretty neatly, not leaving much of a cliffhanger at all or anything that really called for a second game. The uppercase letters represent the doors to go through. Beneath each character name is the path required to get that ending (read from left to right). Is there really any point to a world where everything is happy? I can’t be sure of anything. I turned back around to Luna.]. Have I missed anything? So they take the northwestern road, but about a mile past the intersection something horrible happens. was/ which body they had taken over in the third game. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. How do you know that? Major questions are unanswered (what happens to Alice/Clover? User Info: link_15. Akane was in the armor in this timeline, after all. QUARK: Huh? You're on the moon, you're actually 45 years in the future, the human race is practically extinct, YOU are Zero, and you're an old man who has a really convoluted plot to try and save humanity. Then she drew a knife and attacked Phi. You may have missed them at the time, but go back and be amazed. KYLE: CLOVER: Are we just supposed to go live on Earth? I still have a deep love for 999 as it came as a compete surprise to me. I was terrified that VLR couldn't shatter my expectations once again. How did Sigma lose his eye and both his arms? ? 1 of those is the true ending, but you need the 8 others to get it. That pod was your home for forty-five years. A little restraint could have gone a long way. I mean, S's mind went back in time, right? Don't be silly. And they all live happily ever after. I know what I told the others - that Kyle was Doctor Klim's spare - but that was not his only purpose. ALICE: Don't get us wrong. Reality is shaped by what we believe reality should be. With that in mind, this is the ending of The Thing, explained. KYLE: Of course. You accomplish NOTHING at the end of the game, everything you do is to train your character for an event that you don't even get to experience or see the outcome of. You need information from various points in the game before you can proceed with other locks/endings. Isn't that worth something? At that point, I realized that anything is possible in this universe, so the twists in VLR aren't quite as shocking. KYLE: I don't quite understand... in fact, I feel like you're dodging my questions. Man, Akane is so ice cold in these two games. You'll need a DS for 999 and you can get VLR on both the Vita and 3DS. Dio seems to have remained unconscious. Can all ESPers have the ability to jump, if under the right circumstances? Enough about 999, right? Being a detective, Seven would probably have researched the Fields that the original nonary games was trying to test during the nine year gap in which he continued hunting Ace. Maybe one of them fell in love with a woman working at a gas station they stopped at, and had a child. CLOVER: If that couldn't happen, then the fate of those ninety dead bikers would be sealed. AKANE (old): I shall give you your answer. You have to. Also it may just be a personal thing but the tune in 999 was a lot more haunting and serious. They've all gone off to different areas. LUNA: Did anyone really see the main (age difference) twist coming? Chunsoft's already confirmed a Zero Escape 3 so I guess I shouldn't be too hard on them. On the whole the narrative is much more cohesive, however the bad endings are nowhere near as entertaining as the ones in 999. It can never flow backward. So I'm Doctor Klim.. No, they've all been given the antiviral. Since that would mean dividing by 1, it's usually okay to just skip that step and use (v1 + v2). Still, it's not like we're completely resentful. Discussion, News, and everything else involving the Zero Escape series, including 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, and Zero Time Dilemma. Loved cause it was awesome but then I started crying because there will be no more Zero Escape :(. That triggered something, which sent your mind back to the past, correct? haven't played ZTD yet, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. That failure determined the path you followed. The road splits in two. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. VLR is still an incredible game that surprised me in many ways. I still have a deep love for 999 as it came as a compete surprise to me. Zero III, a sadistic talking rabbit AI (artificial intelligence), appears on a computer monitor in front of them and tells them they must escape the elevator or it will crash, killing them.Upon doing so, the pair find themselves in an abandoned facility called Rhizome 9 alongside seven other people. Finding Akane's body was a lie. I kind of sat back, went along for the ride, and let it wash over me. VLR piles on crazy shit and it's fun, but it gets to be too sprawling by the end, and I don't think I gave a damn about a single character along the way. The puzzles were also better in VLR overall. We've already lived through history. They keep riding down that highway, and eventually they'd gone 10,000 miles. Robotic arms kept up the illusion that he was still young since they had no wrinkles. Actually, in terms of setting, only a few number of ESPers can jump. took his place in the secret ending of VLR. Press J to jump to the feed. (v1 + v2) / (1 + (v1 * v2) / c ^ 2) is the actual equation. But for the first 2 plays you really should just play as you would. timeline though, and the other ones where Akane doesn't knock out Sigma in the car, what happens to turn him into Dr. Klim? However, I imagine there are a great number of things weighing on your mind. Ninety of them die. Surely you must know by now, too. Last I heard the developers had not secured the funding to make the next game. KYLE: I think you're giving the ending of 999 too much credit: you play sudoku to save someone's life in the past. But the Akane Kurashiki I know isn't here. This feeling amplified in the end with one of the most shocking twists in my gaming history. Don't you want to know what happened in between Christmas and New Year's Eve in 2028? I think the wrinkles, and everything else would clue you in, not to mention the freaking robotic eye you have! Ending the game on a cliffhanger is also kind of a dick move. The only reason the story was disappointing was because it laid out a clear story path to a sequel which will either take a long while to be produced or never make it to an international release depending on sales figures. Secondly, why in the world was the moon base necessary? KYLE: I don't. What happens to the reality they were living? M = Magenta, C = Cyan, Y = Yellow, R = Red, G = Green, B = Blue How can it be right to just erase all that? The world will be reshaped into the one you imagine! If I understand it right, the disaster happened, and Sigma and Akane ended up in a shelter on the moon and spent 45 years developing the AB Game as part of a plan to get his younger consciousness through the game and develop the ability to jump through different timelines, which would enable his older consciousness to jump back and stop Radical-6 with his accumulated knowledge and new ability to jump through timelines (I think?). You can jump around between different timelines at will. KYLE: Wh-what does he mean, "other than Kyle"? LUNA: Do you really think he would go back to the past and leave Kyle behind here? I just hate the lack of a real conclusion in this game. After the extremely tight and well-crafted ending of 999 (which I played immediately prior to this), VLR was a major let down (999 has its dumb cliffhanger - Alice in the desert - but that was a throwaway moment after the main plot was resolved). How do I know the alternate futures, then? By VLR, I was expecting batshit. I even talked about it on here. Luna tells Sigma that she was told to tell Sigma to remember something, and Sigma is baffled - how can he remember something when he's about to die? KYLE: You have a point. While I appreciated just how bat-shit crazy it all went, VLR absolutely shits the bed in the last hour or so: pointless twists, nonsensical plot points, and a cliffhanger that has pissed me off probably more than any other to date. Mega_Rat 7 years ago #1. I'm a fan of the flow chart and how it's explained in the context of the story in general. Overall, I loved the characters, the 'love to hate' relationship I had with Dio, but damn they loved explaining shit way too much. But the people downstream will never know about one another either. And what about our friends and families? VLR just ends abruptly without a true ending that solves the main problems of VLR. Also there were no working mirrors anywhere in the base. While I appreciated just how bat-shit crazy it all went, VLR absolutely shits the bed in the last hour or so: pointless twists, nonsensical plot points, and a cliffhanger that has pissed me off probably more than any other to date. : That's ridiculous! Lulz gravity. Well, guess he's not really the Sigma I knew anymore. TENMYOUJI: ... ... ... Never mind her. I hope you can forgive me. QUARK: Besides, he's asleep. KYLE: What happened there? I was actually kind of upset that nothing HAPPENED at the end of the game. Nine people then.

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