The pounding pulse of the book is the author’s determination to share the deep love that animates life for a horse enthusiast.

Understanding the unmatched thrill of horseflesh is the holy grail of Sarah Maslin Nir’s memoir, “Horse Crazy.” In just under 300 pages, the New York Times reporter relates her life in horse stories and takes readers on a delightful tour of equine history.

There was one frank chapter that I, as a reader, particularly appreciated.

Sarah in an early riding lesson aboard Guernsey. The two will discuss the place that horses hold in the American canon -- past, and present -- and the powerful and surprising stories that horses led them to uncover. I was completely charmed and stunned by a chapter on Breyer, the gold standard of plastic model horses.

Two journalists who have explored the surprising world of horses, Sarah Maslin Nir (New York Times) and Walter Thompson-Hernández (New York Times and host of new NPR podcast “CALIFORNIA LOVE”), will sit down for a virtual conversation about their recently published books.

We are excited to partner with Bravo's Book Nook for 10% off when you buy both books -- check it out here! $28. The year my cousin Meghan finally got her own horse, she took me to the stables to meet the magnificent creature that miraculously now belonged to her. The Museum's Fifth Avenue Terrace will be closed today, Wednesday, October 21 until 3pm. The book journeys through Nir’s life, her New York City upbringing with well-known psychiatrist parents and a … She was raised in a Park Avenue apartment and an East Hampton beach house and attended Brearley, a private school where she felt isolated by her Jewishness and the shadow of the Holocaust that clung to the family’s identity. I love her description of her horse Trendsetter as “profoundly – pathologically, perhaps – disinclined to expend energy. Horse Crazy: The Story of a Woman and a World in Love with an Animal (August 2020) explores life-long rider Nir’s personal connection to these animals and profiles of some of the little-known yet intriguing figures involved in the riding world. My two favorite chapters, though, would have to be either “Misty” or “Swamper.” “Misty” delves into the famed Chincoteague ponies and readers meet two young sisters who own a “buyback” pony.

It’s a response that anybody who has ever felt the ineluctable tug of their big amber eyes, in which you see something much more than your own reflection, or who knows the peace of their breathing, and the shattering wildness of their gallop, immediately understands.”.

Nir’s writing is simultaneously lean, with few if any extra words, yet poetic.

It remains true today. Checking back?

Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion. Sarah Maslin Nir’s “Horse Crazy” is half autobiography, half horse tales that remind readers all equestrians have one commonality: a love of horses. Out Aug. ‘20 by @simonandschuster!

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He attended the University of Portland and received his Master’s degree in Latin American Studies from Stanford University. Don't knowingly lie about anyone Be Proactive.

What made New York New York?

She is the only daughter of a psychiatrist father – a Polish Holocaust survivor – and a psychologist mother.

She cites historical data that shows 1 in 4 pioneer cowboys were Black during the late 19th century. At heart, “Horse Crazy” serves as a reminder that everyone has a story and that those stories may not be what they seem. If you have a subscription, please log in or sign up for an account on our website to continue.

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