Lamar Irene Add a Biography. 1 Episode (2004), Emilio Borelli Guy Jennifer Alkins Gay Guy 1 Episode (2002), Frank D'Amico It even spawned a spinoff, Cory in the House. Lt. Higgins 1 Episode (2002), Joseph C. Phillips Himself Lana Stevie Van Lowe 1 Episode (2004), Faruq Tauheed Perhaps no one in the That’s So Raven cast physically changed as much as Bobb’e J. Thompson, who played next-door neighbor Stanley. Biography EDIT. Sophia 1 Episode (2001), David Richards Tra-Say Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. What’s more, Colemon is still very much proud to be associated with the show. Mr. Dare 2 Episodes (2000-2001), Chaz Lamar Shepherd Raven now – 14 years after the premiere episode. Share. Later, she would grow up to play Kayla Huntington on Desperate Housewives, with her facial features and even her cheeky smile remaining exactly the same as they were on her That’s So Raven days. 2 Episodes (1999-1999), Debbie Allen After "That's So Raven" ended Jordyn Colemon retired from acting. 3 Episodes (2004-2004), Mel Jackson 1 Episode (2003), Trisha Mann 1 Episode (2004), Marc Segal 1 Episode (2002), Chilli 1 Episode (2000), Glenda Redfield Karla Sampson Mel 1 Episode (2002), Warren G 1 Episode (2002), Ian Ogilvy 1 Episode (2002), Dawn Stern 3 Episodes (2001-2004), George Wallace 14 Episodes (2000-2003), Chip Fields Destiny Toni Ross It even spawned a spinoff, Cory in the House.But time passed, and for nine years children’s television was a Raven-less wasteland – until October 2016, that is. Himself Luckily, there's going to be a That's So Raven spin-off series coming soon but not all of the original cast members will have a part in it. 1 Episode (2000), Brian McKnight Young Nikki 1 Episode (2003), Reggie Theus 1 Episode (2002), Rosie Tennison Bradley 1 Episode (2003), Adele Givens Playboy Pete 1 Episode (2003), Peter Moret Ashley It's been 14 years since the world got a glimpse into the lives of the Baxter family and Raven Baxter's crazy ability to see into the future. Shaquan Paper Mario: The Origami King ... Jordyn Colemon Jordyn Colemon's Scores. 1 Episode (2003), Krysten Leigh Jones Contributors Become a contributor. By Sarah Jones. 1 Episode (2003), Andrea Walters Credits. 1 Episode (2003), Jordan Lightsy 1 Episode (2001), Robert Catrini Patrice 1 Episode (2003), Charles Walker Professor Peabody Wilma Girl No. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! 1 Episode (2001), Jo Marie Payton 117 Episodes (1999-2019), Dorien Wilson 1 Episode (2003), Erin Leshawn Wiley 117 Episodes (1999-2019), Jenna Von Oy Share. Jordyn now – 14 years after the premiere episode. Once it was done, though, she went to Broadway and took on many different roles there, including that of Belle from the hit show Beauty and the Beast. Alto Gertie, Gerty Rushion Carment Wilkerson No biography is available for Jordyn Michelle Colemon. 1 Episode (2003), Eric Davis 2 Episodes (2002-2003), Jim Meskimen 2 Episodes (2000-2000), Linda Day Ms. Campbell Mavis Rufus 1 Episode (2004), Gary Coleman 6 Episodes (2001-2004), Kim E. Whitley The ultimate news source for music, celebrity, entertainment, movies, and current events on the web. REVIEWS Write A Review. Raven-Symoné, who appears to have barely aged at all, kept herself busy after Raven finished. 1 Episode (2003), Shannon Tweed The 25 Best Shows of the Decade. 1 Episode (2002), Antwon Tanner 1 Episode (2002), Kimberly Moss Judge Biography EDIT. 1 Episode (2003), Patrick Kerr What's New on Amazon Prime Video in November 2020: How to Watch Donald Trump and Joe Biden's Next Presidential Debate. After the show, though, Goglia changed her hair color and continued to act in shows like Scandal. Frankie now – 14 years after the premiere episode. 1 Episode (2000), Bumper Robinson 1 Episode (2003), Summer Martin Kim Parker Host Producer Lil J now – 14 years after the premiere episode. Adam 32 Episodes (2002-2019), Dwight Woody 1 Episode (2004), Terence Mathews Add a Biography. Paullina 1 Episode (2002), Steven Wash Jr. 1 Episode (2004), Gil Deeble Candy Cookie 1 Episode (2003), May May Ali Trick-or-treating may be canceled, but these movies will keep you happy, Here's everything we know about the Netflix drama series, including when it will return, Mondays and Tuesdays in 2021 just got more exciting. Kenny Davis 1 Episode (2002), Mark Povinelli 1 Episode (2002), Tracy Bingham Franklyn Aaron Judge Let's just say one thing – the cast has changed A LOT since the premiere episode back in 2003! Grace 4 Episodes (2000-2000), Gretchen Palmer Delilah This list is unimpeachable. 1 Episode (2003), Donnie McClurkin Cute Guy Bailon would stay in the music industry long after That’s So Raven had finished, going on to appear on TV and stage as part of the Cheetah Girls. No biography is available for Jordyn Michelle Colemon. 1 Episode (2001), Michelle Davison But time passed, and for nine years children’s television was a Raven-less wasteland – until October 2016, that is. But what have her supporting cast been doing while waiting for the comeback call? 1 Episode (2000), David DeLeon 3 Episodes (1999-1999), Countess Vaughn Michelle 1 Episode (2003), Laura Hayes Juliette Goglia played Raven’s annoying neighbor Sierra – who was shortly afterwards paired up with Raven’s other annoying neighbor Stanley –  in two episodes of That’s So Raven. 3 Episodes (2003-2003), Kel Mitchell Well, in the new show adult Raven is going to have two children… so could Devon be the father? 6 Episodes (2001-2004), Kym E. Whitley Ghost of Tsushima 81. Reginald 1 Episode (2003), Bianca Imes It's been 14 years since That's So Raven premiered on Disney Channel and it's making us feel super old, to be honest. He also left acting behind him not long after That’s So Raven finished and now plays baseball for Iowa’s Northwestern College. Thad 1 Episode (2003), Angela Maria Dixon Kai 1 Episode (2001), Carol Krnic Craig 1 Episode (2003), Vanessa Bell Calloway 1 Episode (2003), William Allen Young Erica 1 Episode (2003), Eve Kagan Mason Perry Mrs. Carter Contributors Become a contributor. 1 Unfortunately, if there’s one person who will probably be absent from the new Raven show, it’s Orlando Brown. 1 Episode (2003), Robert DoQui 1 Episode (2003), Rosey Brown 1 Episode (2001), Rosalind Chao Adam Myers Click the arrow and find out what she looks like now! After that, though, he shed the baby fat, continued to work in showbiz and ended up as the runner-up in the 11th season of Dancing With the Stars. Negative: 0 out of . Quincy, Quincy DeJohn 1 Episode (2001), Steve Harvey Eugene Eric Sterling Oglevee

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