Zackman, if you look at the pics closely, you’ll see that the body on this car is actually in fairly good condition, with very little visible rust. My girlfriend loved it too, especially the bed in the back! I believe this car wins the title of being the broughamiest wagon ever built! Please follow the instructions below to enable JavaScript in your browser. The following versions and sub-models of Chevrolet Kingswood Estate Wagon were available in 1975: 1975 Chevrolet Caprice Estate Wagon 400-4 V-8 Turbo-Jet Hydra-Matic (aut. Search automobile-catalog: this database is huge, use the search field below to find here data you are looking for: Ford (USA) Torino 3gen-Gran Torino years, types and editions catalogue (1972-1976), Torino 4-Door Pillared Hardtop (1972-1976), Other production years of this submodel:1972 Ford Torino Station Wagon specifications, all versions1973 Ford Torino Station Wagon specifications, all versions1974 Ford Torino Station Wagon specifications, all versions1976 Ford Torino Station Wagon specifications, all versions, 1972 Ford Torino Station Wagon specifications, all versions, 1973 Ford Torino Station Wagon specifications, all versions, 1974 Ford Torino Station Wagon specifications, all versions, 1976 Ford Torino Station Wagon specifications, all versions. Every time I’ve walked by, they’re all there. Before the SUV’s of today, before the minivan (referred to as the “mommymobile”), there was the “DADDYMOBILE”, the full-sized station wagons that men bought as they grew families (Goodbye Ford Mustang, HELLO FORD LTD WAGON). in his 1962 Tempest wagon. Perhaps it’s because it’s what we had when I was growing up, but I’m much more partial to the late ’60s Country Squires. In 1982 he saw a panther wagon advertised for sale in the local paper with only 7,000 miles on it. So slow, when equipped with the 2 speed Ford-o-Matic automatic transmission, that it was a traffic hazard. American Brands: AMC, Jeep and All Others, Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Off-Road Equipment, Curbside Classic: 1975 Ford Country Squire – The Car That Made Di-Noc Millions,,, CC Capsule: 1982 Nissan Fairlady Z (S130) Turbo – Found In Translation, Curbside Classic: 1961 Ford Thunderbird – The American Dream-mobile, Curbside Recycling: 1994 Chrysler LHS – I Would Drive This Particular Car Home From Phoenix And So Would You. fuel consumption and mileage: average estimated by a-c©: 20.9 l/100km / 13.5 mpg (imp.) Quick access to automobile-catalog website -- type in a browser: The most efficient way to navigate through our huge database and compare cars side by side is the interface located on the, Catalogue of 610 car makes & manufacturers. How anyone would choose one of the latter two over the Ford is beyond me. The FE 390 motor isn’t really that bad on gas either and gets about 14 mpg around town, not bad for a 5000 pound fullsize american car with a big-block V-8 and a 4 bbl. Is that even possible? fuel consumption and mileage: average estimated by a-c©: 21.3 l/100km / 13.3 mpg (imp.) I just hope someone restores this, this could easily be a beautiful car, appears to only need cosmetic restoration mostly. fuel consumption and mileage: average estimated by a-c©: 20 l/100km / 14.1 mpg (imp.) I even have a matching pull-behind custom trailer for cruise nights that I made from a wrecked beyond repair 1970 Country squire. This was my high school ride. Drove exact same model and color in senior year of high school. 3) Detailed Performance Review, 1975 Ford Torino Station Wagon 460 V-8 Cruise-O-Matic (aut. If this was over here, someone would have long ago snapped it up and brought it back to its former glory. The Squire was as much a part of middle-class suburbia then as minivans & SUVs are now. The amount of poor taste applied over 19 feet is astronomical. Don’t know if I could afford it though. I remember riding with him all over town sitting on the front seat arm rests (these are the days before car seat rules) as a 3 year old..eating cookies while he smoked cigars…ahh the 70’s! You do not acquire Vancouver is a different place; our pollution tests and class consciousness mean old cars are very rare indeed. Thanks are in order for PN, who shot this well-traveled Squire a while back. Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, the content, organization, graphics, design, compilation, magnetic On a more esoteric level, if one must have acres of fake wood down the side, the Squire gets the nod as well; the Merc’s sheathing just looked like a sheet of contact paper with a cheesy bit of chrome to cover the edges. Interesting they gave ole Mike a Country Squire to cruise the suburban ‘hood while stalking Jamie Lee Curtiss. It was, as you might have guessed, lifted from the LTD Brougham series. Most family men went for the woodgrain sided wagons, while bachelors mostly preferred the plain sided ones without the hideaway headlights. You have a great cruiser there. Minivans were 8 years away. The We bought a new 76 LTD wagon that we put 173,000 mile on before trading it in 88 for a new Crown Victoria. We went to see it and it was like brand new so he bought it. Anyway, if you have a ton of money to spend you could get an older Country Squire of your choice and do the same. Different strokes. Ford’s famous Magic Doorgate made it a lot easier to get in and out of the jump seats, too. Sure it was a Country Squire? I not only liked how station wagons looked compared to sedans and two doors, but I liked how big they were by comparison. It’s part of a rather interesting collection of four cars at this house; three out front, and one in the driveway (second to last picture). Made at least one lengthy trip in the thing, hauling some friends to northern Jersey, and even made a foray into Manhattan, where it looked supremely out of place. 1 pop up pistons trw i beam pink rods with the big rod bolts crane solid lifters 55 320 cam shaft 289 worked hi po. By then we only had our youngest girl left home and didn’t need a wagon anymore. The LTD, with the exception of the Landau, is probably the only car I like from Ford during the 74-78 period. Amazingly we were bale to find a second used tire along the way to get to our destination. It had a strong 460-or whatever V8 but you didn’t want to try anything FAST in it, with its loose suspension and ponderous rear end. About a year later my dad became ill and couldnt drive anymore and my mom sold it [too big for her to park; even after she learned to drive on a 1950 Nash!] An extended range fuel tank was optional, adding an extra eight gallons to the already good-sized tank. Also, some shift to mid size wagons. Our beloved neighbors, the Kemps, had a beautiful C/S in the 70’s that they traded for a new, ’79 (?) Don’t recall if it was totaled or ultimately repaired. 1975 was also the last time I owned a Chevy until 2004 when I ordered and bought my 1976 Custom Deluxe C-20! Do any of you remember the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where Larry gets pulled over by a Norseman driving a red squire? Now that you raised the point about the windows rolling all the way down – now I gotta take back what I said! And how few of them are around now. Ford Australia briefly (62-64) tried an “aristocratic” woodie for the horsey set with the local Falcon Squire. 3) specs, 1975 Ford Torino Station Wagon 460 V-8 Cruise-O-Matic (aut. My friend skidded throught the guardails out in Montana. One of my favorites and I still remember the car. Yes. site. Those cars are all still there, btw. Register in the USERZONE, share real world car performance results, show us your car, Collection of T-Shirts, Posters etc. And notice how sleek it looks sans luggage rack. Even the slightest vacuum leak would eventually have the headlamp doors headed up after an extended period of time without having the engine started and the vacuum restored. I fought a vacuum leak for over a year before I figured it out!) 1969’s were a real step down from 68s IMO… and by 1975 the bean counters had made a shell out of the Country Squire to where it seemed tacky. Yes, the car in question is a survivor, for sure. I’m not so sure about how much daily use this one gets. You would have to pick one with the vinyl roof option checked , as many of them came back in the day. I remember playing with the headlamp door valve, instead of washing it as I was supposed to. Most Country Squires were loaded, and popular options included the SelectAire air conditioner, Automatic Temperature Control, vinyl roof and a luggage rack with built-in woodgrained wind deflector. They seemed so roomy at the time. They just did not mix well with northern climates. The 1960s Squires had a certain appeal, but personally, I think the 1960 Country Sedan is the best looking big American wagon of the era.

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