The Japanese however soon intercepted this ship and captured her.

British destroyers attack the enemy, 1725 hours and subsequent sinking of HMS Electra. Speed was set to 22 knots. Gordon, MVO, RN) and the Australian light cruiser HMAS Hobart (Capt. Flynn, RN) joined the convoy in position 04°30'N, 78°15'E.

The enemy was thought to have been hit twice. HMAS Perth had also closed the Exeter and covered her with smoke from her funnel and smoke floats.

The USS John D. Edwards, USS John D. Ford, USS Alden and USS Paul Jones left Surabaya in the late afternoon of the 28th. The position of HMS Encounter at that moment is not mentioned in any of the reports but she appeared to have been ahead of the Dutch destoyers and abeam of HMAS Perth. She was able to drive off two enemy destroyers with gunfire near her which had come out of the smoke screen with the intention of making a torpedo attack on the Exeter. Doorman, RNN) and HrMs Java (Capt. On the morning of 3 February the British destroyer HMS Encounter (Lt.Cdr. Further ships that were part of the escort force were the light cruiser Kinu, minelayer Wakataka, minesweepers W 15 and W 16, submarine chasers Ch-4, Ch-5, Ch-6, Ch-16, Ch-17 and Ch-18. British troop ships; Devonshire (11275 GRT, built 1939), Empress of Asia (16909 GRT, built 1913). Doorman, RNN), HrMs Java (Capt. During this gunfight the Michishio was heavily damaged and in the end she had to be towed back to Makassar. (2). F.J. Butler, MBE, RN) and the Dutch light cruiser HrMs Java (Capt.

The ship sank at 2345 hours on 27 February 1942. USS Houston hauled out to starboard. During the night the Exeter and her little company met an enemy force but managed to elude it. On 29 December 1812, while under the command of Henry Lambert, she was engaged by USS Constitution and forced to surrender after a short battle. N.V.J.T. She had only 20 per cent of her main armament ammunition remaining after the previous battle.

With only ‘Y’ gun still firing the order was given to abandon ship. All the time three float planes were spotting for the enemy. The Japanese however soon intercepted this ship and captured her.

The Asashio turned a searchlight on which was quickly taken out by a salvo from the Java. In return the Japanese sank a Dutch destroyer and damaged the Dutch cruiser Tromp heavily. As the two ships maneuvered to rake each other, Java suddenly turned under the American’s stern and fired. Shortly afterwards the enemy heavy cruisers were seen to retire westwards. When the Encounter retired from her attack she was ordered to take up a position astern of HMS Jupiter and both destroyers remained near the Exeter as a covering force. Speed was set to 22 knots. F.J. Butler, MBE, RN) as well as the British destroyers HMS Scout (Lt.Cdr.(Retd.) Later they also had more or less the control over the important Sunda Strait, the main entry channel to the Java Sea. At 1600 hours, Rear-Admiral Doorman asked for fighter protection but the commander Air Defence Surabaya did not comply because he needed his eight remaining Brewster Buffalo fighters to protect the four dive-bombers in a projected dive-bombing attack on the Japanese transports.

All these bombs were tumbling and at least three failed to explode.

3) After a possible night action the formation would be broken up and it was not considered possible to make definite plans for any subsequent action. U.H.R. The only thing they could do was to delay the Japanese advance as long as possible.

Air cover was provided by the aircraft carrier Ryujo, seaplane tender Chiyoda, auxiliary seaplane tender Kamikawa Maru and the destroyers Amagiri, Asagiri and Yugiri (20th Destroyer Division). J.M.L.I. It was getting dark and visibility was now 15 nautical miles. Chompff, RNN) and HrMs Banckert (Lt.Cdr.

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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Around 1645 hours, splashes of heavy bombs were seen near the enemy ships, though no hits were observed. Range was 26000 to 28000 yards.

Neither time torpedoes or their tracks were observed and Japanese records does not mention torpedoes being fired by destroyers around this time.

This may have been the Minegumo. At 1720 hours, in accordance with the above mentioned signal, and under cover of smoke which the US destroyers had started to lay, the De Ruyter proceeded on a course to the south-east.

The Allied cruiser then again formed up in line ahead and were lead on various course by HrMs De Ruyter to intercept the enemy. It is now known that HMS Jupiter was not hit by a torpedo but hit a mine of a Dutch minefield. Shortly after 1600/27, three float planes were sighted to the northward.

After removing the British prisoners, Bainbridge determined that he could not tow Java to an American port. About 1758 hours, when the Allied fleet was on course 190°, Rear-Admiral Doorman ordered the four US destroyers to counter-attack but almost immediately this ordered was cancelled and ordered the US destroyers to make smoke. was also part of this force but acted as 'rescue boat'. The old dear shuddered a bit. (2). J.N. As the Dutch naval base at Surabaya was now under daily air attack it was deemed wise to sent the Tromp to Australia for repairs.

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