I really liked the characters and the foundation of the core families of Edilean. When they go out the door, I need to know which way they need to turn to get out. If Angus wanted to hurt someone, he’d do it face-to-face. “Go home, lad,” Malcolm said. --Jude Deveraux. She’d startled him. Loved all the references to the folks we met in the first book! Danielle Maltby, who appeared on Season 21 of The Bachelor, plays the girlfriend. As he ate, the warmth crept into him. We hope that these ideas will enrich your conversation and increase your enjoyment of the book. “I am the McTern of McTern,” he said at last, with his shoulders back and looking down at her. There’s a sadness in her eyes that you can’t help but see. Add some. “Your husband or Shamus?” “So it was Shamus who loosened the girth. “Never safe, are you, boy?” “Nor are any of us,” he said good-humoredly. Emergencies were something that Angus was used to and was good at. The rustlers wouldn’t have dared come this close to the house, would they? “I’ll look after the horses. The suggested questions are intended to help your reading group find new and interesting angles and topics for your discussion. Loved all the references to the folks we met in the first book! Connor, Aldredge, McDowell, Austin, Harcourt love, love, love. Malcolm had to cough to cover his laugh. Pity there is no second book with the same characters, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 22, 2015, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on September 16, 2014. I have a big drafting table set up in a spare bedroom and I cover it with maps and house plans and sketches that I use in the books. No, my lady’ they all say to her. It wasn’t Tam’s fault that he’d never been anywhere or done anything. “No, I have not come to see her,” Angus said half a dozen times. Although his grandfather lost the family's land and castle in a card game when Angus was just a boy, Angus takes his duties seriously and is respected by all the men and adored by the women. I just finished Scarlet Nights, which is about Sara Shaw and Tess Newland’s brother Mike. Bring your club to Amazon Book Clubs, start a new book club and invite your friends to join, or find a club that’s right for you for free. Can they find love amid the chaos? I don’t know why she wanted to come up here to this great pile of stone anyway. I’m sure she’s a bonnie lass, but what does that matter to me? Every book is a treasure. Introduction Jude Deveraux continues her Edilean series in Days of Gold, set in eighteenth-century Scotland and later in colonial America.Angus McTern is the laird of a Scottish castle, committed to overcoming his grandfather’s disreputable legacy by looking after each member of his beloved clan, which remains in thrall to the tyrant who won the castle. That’ll buy her a rich husband who’ll give her a passel of brats and she’ll be happy enough. “How could you think such of me?” His sister said nothing, but she was laughing. Yes, that was a good word. Should she have gotten some say before his disappearance? Everyone in the courtyard relaxed and returned to his or her work. Malcolm’s bed with its rough sheets and big tartan was a welcome sight, and as Angus lay down, he thought that he’d like to see the girl ride as he’d had to these last two nights. If Neville Lawler had nothing else good about him, he knew a lot about self-preservation. Do you truly believe anyone thinks that of you?” “Your husband . He wasn’t about to honor his brother-in-law’s accusation with an answer. He said the chickens could use it for a nest.” Malcolm had to cough to cover his laugh. Where do you see the narrative connections? How did you perceive gender roles in Days of Gold? Shamus. Learn more. In the early pages of Lavender Morning, I'd written a few sentences about the founding of the little town I'd created, Edilean, Virginia. By the time I finished the book, I knew I had to find out the answers to my questions. I saw—” He broke off because an unnatural hush had come over the place. Yes, more women stayed home in the past, but they also ran companies. But the thieves had had too much of a head start, and their mounts were fresh so he’d lost them in the hills. She’ll soon go back south and live in a splendid house in London. Twisted in Time: A Romance About Past Lives... (A Twisted Series Book 1), A Scottish Duke for Christmas (The Duke of Strathmore Book 4), A Pirate at Pembroke: A Regency Romance (Clean & Wholesome), Never Say Goodbye: A Time Travel Romance (A Brothers Montgomery Book: Book 1). Never did I see such clothes as she has. Do you do any of your own art while writing?A. I want to hear no more of her. “Wearing their own clothes makes them think they have their own country. By that time, he deserved being shot! Do you feel the women in the story transcend how men perceive them? What do they see along the way? His lady friend Edilean was sure that she did not want anything from McTern to use him (she thinks he is just a dumb Scot) to get her to the new America after finding out that her betroth only wanted her money but not her. “Don’t you touch me!” she said as she got up by herself and dusted at her clothes. As he ate, he leaned back against the stone wall of the stables and for a moment closed his eyes. 4. “Never safe, are you, boy?”. Since Neville Lawler thought more of his horses than he did of humans, they were clean, well kept, and the building was warmer than the house. ‘Yes, my lady. Or I think he is, but it’s been too long since I’ve seen your face.” Reaching up, she touched his big beard. Ten minutes later, he was still awake. For all that the man was lazy, and greedy beyond all reckoning, he understood about a man’s pride. But she may turn up if I send one of Tam’s kids back to Scotland. In this set, Lady Darcy seduces a prudish duke. If you didn't like those books, you probably wouldn't enjoy this either. When I wrote my next contemporary novel, Scarlet Nights, I could see where people had come from, and had an idea of where they were going. While the plot occasionally pushes the reader’s willing sense of disbelief to the brink and back, the novel’s colorful characters and lively writing ensure that Days of Gold is classic Deveraux. Angus was usually glad to see Tam, but not if all he could talk about was Lawler’s niece. “Too much of the angels for me. ‘Let me carry your fan for you, my lady.’ ‘Please let me empty your chamber pot.’ ”, Malcolm smiled at Angus’s impersonation, but he didn’t give up. I don’t like to read books where I feel as though I’ve stepped into the middle of things and don’t know what’s going on. We do not have any awards for this video. Angus was usually glad to see Tam, but not if all he could talk about was Lawler’s niece. 'Days of Gold Trilogy' music video by Jake Owen. Was this animal that he didn’t know doing something? He was the only one of the clan who still wore the plaid in the old way. The poor pony was tearing across rocks and shrubs as Angus pursued the raiders stealing the cattle. Reviewed in the United States on October 6, 2017. “I will help her on her horse,” Tam said when he saw Angus approach, looking as though he was ready to fight for the right. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. Angus gave him such a look of thanks that Malcolm almost blushed.

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