September 22, 1914 - The first-ever British air raid against Germany occurs as Zeppelin bases at Cologne and Düsseldorf are bombed. They advance shoulder-to-shoulder while singing patriotic songs only to be systematically gunned down in what the Germans themselves later call the "massacre of the innocents." Here are historical events, facts, and some myths about this day. All shooting stops as the soldiers exit their trenches, exchange gifts, sing carols and engage in a soccer game. Diamond is the mystical birthstone from Tibetan origin that dates back over a thousand years. For over a decade now Serbian nationalism is on the ascendancy in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. of Hitler | Defeat of Hitler | Hitler Aug 28 British General John French evacuate Amiens. September 5-12, 1914 - On the Western Front, Paris is saved as French and British troops disrupt the Schlieffen Plan by launching a major counter-offensive against the invading German armies to the east of Paris. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Neighboring Serbia, with the backing of Russia, voices its objection in support of the Serbian minority living in Bosnia. The Germans then begin a strategic withdrawal northward as the Allies pursue. A month later, the Japanese begin their occupation of the Caroline, Marshall and Mariana Islands. April 1904 - The British reach a strategic agreement with France which includes mutual military support in the event of war. October 19, 1914 - Still hoping to score a quick victory in the West, the Germans launch a major attack on Ypres in Belgium. May 1905 - Russia suffers a military defeat at sea by newly industrialized Japan, thwarting Russia's territorial ambitions toward Manchuria and Korea. August 6, 1914 - French and British troops invade the German colony of Togo in West Africa. Allied forces halt German advance into France during First Battle of the Marne. January 1902 - Britain and Japan form a naval alliance. The Serbs propose arbitration as a way to resolve dispute, but also begin mobilization of their troops. Discover all the August 4 famous birthdays who share your special day. June. October 1905 - Continuing political unrest in Russia, including a general strike, results in the creation of a national legislative assembly (Duma) by the Czar. By November, overall casualties will total 250,000 men, including nearly half of the British Regular Army. November 3, 1914 - Kaiser Wilhelm appoints Erich von Falkenhayn as the new Chief of the German General Staff, replacing Helmuth von Moltke who is sacked due to the failure of the Schlieffen Plan. (Toronto), » Earliest day on which Emancipation Day can fall, celebrated on the first Monday of August. How’s your lovelife today? October-November, 1914 - Germans and Austrians launch a combined offensive against the Russians on the Eastern Front. (Sponsored by WordFinder.Cafe), © Copyright 2020   All rights reserved. Aided by aerial reconnaissance and the interception of uncoded Russian radio messages, the Germans effectively reposition their troops to counter the initial Russian advance. Labor in America 1908-1912 | John June 28, 1914 - Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne, and his wife, visit Sarajevo in Bosnia. July 31, 1914 - Reacting to the Austrian attack on Serbia, Russia begins full mobilization of its troops. The objective is to protect the oil pipeline from Persia. German possessions in the South Pacific include a naval base on the coast of China, part of New Guinea, Samoa, and the Caroline, Marshall and Mariana Islands. Aug 15 US Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan, in a letter to J P Morgan, Jr., declares that loans to any of the belligerents go against US neutrality, Aug 18 US President Woodrow Wilson issues "Proclamation of Neutrality", Aug 21 US Open Men's Golf, Midlothian CC: 21-year old Walter Hagen holds off amateur Chick Evans by 1 stroke to win the first of his 2 Open titles; first of 11 major championships, Aug 22 WW1: Von Ludendorff and Paul von Hindenburg move into East Prussia enroute to Russia. The Long, Long Trail website uses cookies only to make sure the site works and to improve your experience as a user. This Second Balkan War results in Bulgaria losing territory and the Serbians becoming emboldened, leaving the Balkan region of southern Europe politically unstable. July 25, 1914 - Austria-Hungary severs diplomatic ties with Serbia and begins to mobilize its troops. July 23, 1914 - Austria-Hungary, with the backing of Germany, delivers an ultimatum to Serbia. There are 149 days remaining until the end of this year. Tiger is the mythical animal and Wood is the element for this person if we consider the very old art of Chinese astrology. November 7, 1914 - In the Far East, the German naval base at Tsingtao is captured by the Japanese, aided by a British and Indian battalion. December 1914 - The Western Front in Europe stabilizes in the aftermath of the First Battle of Ypres as the Germans go on the defensive and transfer troops to the East to fight the Russians. This includes cookies that track any click through to affiliate links and advertisers that appear on this site. July 28, 1914 - The Austro-Hungarian Empire declares war on Serbia. Three days later, Japanese forces land on the coast of China, preparing to attack the German naval base at Tsingtao (Qingdao). Learn some fun facts about your birthday! The Austrians withdraw in mid-December, after suffering over 220,000 casualties from the three failed invasions. The day of the week is Tuesday. Russia then agrees, but Germany refuses. Timeline of August 1914. 1853). A History of the Great War (WW1) told by listing day by day events in a timeline - 1914. Aided by French aerial reconnaissance which reveals a gap has developed in the center of the whole German advance, the French and British exploit this weakness and press their advantage. December 16, 1914 - Britain suffers its first civilian casualties at home in the war as the German Navy bombards the coastal towns of Whitby, Hartlepool and Scarborough, killing 40 persons and wounding hundreds. The declaration is binding on all Dominions within the British Empire including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa. Believing the assassin to be a Serbian nationalist, the Austrians target their anger toward Serbia. August 4, 1914 is the 216th day of the year 1914 in the Gregorian calendar. August 6, 1914 - The Austro-Hungarian Empire declares war on Russia. February 18, 1915. First Battle of Ypres March 1909 - Germany forces Russia to endorse the annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina by Austria-Hungary. Check your answers here: Unscramble words UIEWYZQZARTO. Following this success, the Germans drive the Russians out of East Prussia with heavy casualties. (Sponsored link), Holy Toledo! Civil War | Child JULY 1914 5th July. » Earliest day on which Public holidays in Barbados or Kadooment Day can fall, while August 7 is the latest; celebrated on the first Monday of August (Barbados), » Earliest day on which Public holidays in Samoa named Labor Day can fall, while August 7 is the latest; celebrated on the first Monday of August (Samoa), » Emancipation of the slaves by Haile Selassie I. July 30, 1914 - Austrian warships bombard Belgrade, capital of Serbia. Germany begins naval blockade of Great Britain. What are the important events that happened on August 4, 1914? Six hundred taxi cabs from the city help to move French troops to the Front. The Kaiser receives at Potsdam special envoy from Austrian Emperor and promises "the full … Two British ships, the Monmouth and Good Hope, are sunk with no survivors by a German squadron commanded by Admiral Graf von Spee. August 4, 1914 - The United States declares its neutrality. World War I: Germany invades Belgium. with the most frank answers. The French Army invades Alsace and Lorraine according to their master strategy known as Plan XVII. Britain then sends an ultimatum, rejected by the Germans, to withdraw from Belgium. The twelve forts surrounding the city are then bombarded into submission by German and Austrian howitzers using high explosive shells. (Rastafari movement). July 26, 1914 - Britain attempts to organize a political conference among the major European powers to resolve the dispute between Austria-Hungary and Serbia. “This Day In History – What happened on this day in history?”. Adolf Hitler | Triumph » Celebration of the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 which ended the slavery in the British Empire, generally celebrated as a part of Carnival, as the Caribbean Carnival takes place at this time (British West Indies): » Earliest day on which Caribana celebration can fall, celebrated on the first Weekend of August. The United States declare their neutrality. France and Belgium begin full mobilization. Allied forces land on the Gallipoli Peninsula of the Ottoman Empire. Copyright 2020 | Chris Baker | Leamington Spa UK. Twenty days later, the German governor there surrenders. Aug 28 Battle of Helgoland: British fleet beats German, 1,100 killed. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. (Iceland). The Military of Switzerland known as Swiss Army mobilizes because of World War I. » Earliest day on which International Friendship Day can fall, while August 7 is the latest; celebrated on the first Sunday of August. The Eastern Front also sees its share of trenches as troops dig in after the Russians hold off the Germans in Poland and the Austrians hold off the Russians at Limanowa. November 1, 1914 - The British Navy suffers its worst defeat in centuries during a sea battle in the Pacific. Two weeks later they capture the city of Basra. Abram C. Pheil, mayor of St. Petersburg, is the first airline passenger, and over 3,000 people witness the first departure. The French suffer heavy casualties including 27,000 soldiers killed in a single day, the worst one-day death toll in the history of the French Army. The Germans then send the newly formed 9th Army to halt the Russians. August 4, 1914: Facts & Myths About This Day. The Germans also forcibly annex the provinces of Alsace and Lorraine from France. The revolutionaries are backed by many in Serbia who aim to break off Austria-Hungary’s South Slav provinces and combine them to form Yugoslavia. September 7, 1914 - In the Far East, a German naval squadron, commanded by Graf von Spee severs the British Pacific communications cable. Serbia is invaded by Austria-Hungary. The French then fall back toward Paris amid 300,000 total casualties. However, the French offensive is met by effective German counter-attacks using heavy artillery and machine-guns. (Ireland), » Earliest day on which Civic Holiday can fall, while August 7 is the latest; celebrated on the first Monday of August. 1910 - Germany surpasses Britain as the leading manufacturing nation in Europe. What are the important events that happened on August 4, 1914? This marks the advent of the Eastern Front in Europe in which Russia will oppose Germany and Austria-Hungary. For a day by day account click any given month using the sidebar to the right. 1891 - The Russian Empire and France form their own alliance in reaction to the Triple Alliance. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. April 1904 - The British reach a strategic agreement with France which includes mutual military support in the event of war.

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