Somehow it was determined then that everyone who took the test must have cheated (although there was no evidence of this) and so all tests were thrown out, but the rest of the team would be allowed to stay and take the hydration test and skinfold measurements. Current WIAA recognized sports are: Baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, hockey, soccer, swimming & diving, tennis, track & field, volleyball, and wrestling for boys, and basketball, cross country, golf, gymnastics, hockey, soccer, softball, swimming & diving, tennis, track & field, and volleyball for girls. He would like potential baseball players to help run the tournament/fundraiser. Is there one? A.: 1) Might be a local provision - or maybe, just good sense; but the WIAA does not have a rule about anything other then those things specifically relating to member schools and their student-athletes. VI, Sect. So is the soccer coach allowed to have contact with the soccer players during off season or not. A.: On something like this I recommend caution. A member school is per- mitted to supervise conditioning programs under the open gym provisions, which may include weight lift- ing, speed, agility, fitness. or the Aquatic Center, etc. What issues should we be concerned about? 2B and then see p. 34, Sect.5-A-1. You could let him become your school's valedictorian if you wish. Are we, as coaches able to watch the camp off to the side without talking with the girls? The potential elements inherent in what you describe certainly sound different then/more than standard operating policy/procedure. The proposal which would have afforded unlimited summer coaching contact – under certain circumstances – was defeated by membership vote, 173 no - 130 yes. Q.: I would like your input on the following situation. Q.: We have an individual that is thinking about coaching a club volleyball team, which would include a group of the high school's athletes. Your school may feel differently. 1-3-12 II Section 5-E-note (p. 27). You could use former players (graduates); players who are seniors right now (whose eligibility is completed) or, you could use 8th graders. 5-1-08 There is no reason you could not attend such a meeting. As long as she is doing this on her own, she can do so when ever. Can a girl from the neighboring district participate in a volleyball camp sponsored by our coach and intended for our district girls? Can they get points for attending? The best practice advice we've provided in the past – stands; i.e. I would also recommend there be administrative discussion on the topic from a gender equity perspective – is there anyone who will provide the same for the girls? 3-6-12 organize drills, etc. You may review prescribed medical coverage for all WIAA sports in the Season Regulations publications. Coaches may not provide coaching instruction to their athletes out of season and out of the five unrestricted school coaching contact days. 5 tips for returning to school during COVID-19, What to expect: Medical appointments during the pandemic, Your health and accessing self-care services during COVID-19: 7 questions to ask. Answer:  A student who has established residential eligibility with one parent would be ineligible if the student moved to live with the other parent at a different school. What we couldn't get our arms around was the definition of a "school team." No other provider has been approved by the member schools. Coaches may have contact only during the five unrestricted contact days in the summer and during the actual school season. A.: The answer to your question is - "yes." 1A and Sect. He wants to sit out another event to go...but I don't want to start that as a precedent, and don't perhaps think I can anyway...based on scheduled events. A teacher in charge of our student government would like to have a combination of our girls' and boys' basketball team members play a game vs. the faculty? letics at our high school? The max is up to those five dates...and must be made known to/available to your own school's students same as all other school sponsored opportunities. However, there must be evidence of unforeseeable, unavoidable, and uncorrectable circumstance that necessitated the transfer. Question:  The price of gas has gone up dramatically and limited our ability to transport our child to our school of choice. They both own jerseys with our store name on them already, so they will not be receiving any prizes or benefit from running on the team. Divorce or Change of Guardianship Each school has the institutional responsibility for compliance with the rules of their membership, and in the absence of any other authority for state or local officials to regulate home-based education programs here in Wisconsin, athletic eligibility is not granted to anyone other than students enrolled full time at a member school. The reason I ask is that in the past we have played in a VB tourney in Wabasha. The t-shirts would not mention the name of the business. My staff and I are running several softball clinics in February for our local youth league as a fundraiser. The WIAA does not sponsor forensics. Can she accept the $10 gift card? A.: Yes. Q.: My son attends a charter high school that does not offer track and field. I read the rule to say we can have only five coaching contacts during the summer before July 31. You can use your HS athletes as clinicians...BUT - if you wish to use your athletes as clinicians the camp must conclude no later then July 31. Obviously, they should not suspend a student if they are uncertain. I like the fact that you are giving the AD/game manager "something." I would need to know a little about NCSA, I will imagine it stands for national college scouting - something or another. 12-18-09 VI, Section 2C-5note (Sr. High Handbook p.38). For coaches in all sports except football, unlimited “non-school” contact may be used by coaches during the summertime provided, such non-school programs are not limited to students on the basis of school or team affiliation. Also related under 7c, under no conditions may a student compete as a member of more than two different level teams in the same calendar week. We are willing to work with this student and grandfather to some extent, but not at the risk of jeopardizing or team. VII, Sect. Q.: I have a question that has to do with rules for teams in regards to open gyms/open fields that are offered for students/athletes. 10-6-06 They want to add athletes and have a representative from each sport and wear their uniform is this OK? Keep in mind that the reason for the appeal is due to the fact that you have already determined that you believe the student vio- lated your code. It's like he pushes them to come in the morning or even on the weekend. Why would you not want to use WIAA officials? By definition, open gyms are for recreation, not instruction (by the coach or anyone). Portable hoops would be brought into our parking lot, set at an 8 ft. height, and let the games begin!

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