Still not sure about Twenty20? I refused and said I wanted a full refund because I had proof in the confirmation email the date it started and how they charged me before the free trial ended. They get one star because I can't give them zero. Hopefully my bank automatically prevented them. Took $99 and denied refund, according to their "refund policy" even though the credit used was during trial period. When I found out I cancelled before it ended but they claim I started it a day before so they could charge me! I have sent numerous emails and never received a reply from them. For all Germans: Auf den Fotos sind nur amerikanische Motive und wenn Du nicht rechtzeitig kündigst, hängst Du in einem Jahresvertrag fest. THEY ARE SCAMMERS DO NOT USE THEM, Avoid these liars! They will charge you for more than you signed up for.

The WORST company ever! Terrible. I did not.

Any reputable company would send an email warning of the charge and also a receipt. Seems like this is a trend. After my bank contacted them that I had filed a dispute they refunded the money. Scam Artists! They don't do that and are happy to automate the $150 USD for the month BUT when you cancel they offer up a $39 CAD unlimited option. Kevin Fremon, Matt Munson and Todd Emaus are the ones living large off of your stolen cash. This service was awful! If you don't download it before the deadline, you're screwed. Find Reviews Filter. At Twenty20, we have been an integral part of this process and we are still carrying the torch. I will do everything I can to get back the $199 from these thieves even it means a lawsuit as I do not believe in false advertisement and scamming people. It's also extremely weird you cannot ever delete your account so your email and password are stored forever in their database. I cancelled my free trial and got an email confirmation luckily.One year later they charged me 350 euros on my credit card, no warning no invoice no notice.the parameters in my online trial account had been switched to "on", i had never downloaded a photo or used their service.took months but I did get reimbursement after filing a fraud complaint with American Express and cancelling the card I had given them so they could not steal any more money. They would not respond to emails and then finally did with a lame excuse claiming they had already paid the photographers for the 3 images I downloaded DURING the free trial. STAY AWAY .. they ARE NOT the only platform with nice stock imagery. Been forced to have a year membership, and their "token gesture" was to ensure the one image I downloaded during the free trial was valid for a year, not just a month. If anyone got his money refunded, please share how you made it! @Twenty 20 if anyone of you is reading this: I will report your fraud wherever possible to ensure that this comes to an end. Write a review. Just take a random look over 30 photos and see how many are actually approved for commercial use. No answer on facebook either. They've charged me and does not refund my money, instead of that they keep explaining that they've sent e-mails informing about charges, when I ask to specify the date and e-mail subject (to find it on my email box) they send me general pdf file as an example...Total lie! If you have been scammed by them please contact the Attorney General for California to file a complaint. They advertised on a podcast to get 5 free photos. They owe me around 600 $. I sure hope someone will take legal action against them. Cancelled on day 7 of the 7 day free trial - it took that long to cancel because figuring out the process to cancel is almost impossible. Do not go near this company. I would not be surprised if they steal your photos and sell them elsewhere. Seeking legal action regarding charges that happened despite cancelling subscription. No communication channels to resolve being charged a large annual subscription fee. No customer service AT ALL, and no replies to numerous emails. Double of the amount accepted.And gave no advertising on the pull of the money, neither did they give advertise on the end of the trial as they are stating on their site.So shady, keep away unless you wanna spend a month or 2 in cooperation with your bank in getting the money pulled back.

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