Everyone in these two teams is assigned to Class D.[14][15], The stage of preliminary rating continues. Jony J says rappers in this program are like playing away from home because this is the home for trainees. [18], On 25 March, a man who claimed to be Shen Bing's boyfriend posted a statement that he had been seeing her since September 2019 and hidden his marriage from her. The show first introduces 109 female trainees from different companies, who are being voted on by viewers. 4. Youth With You season 2 aired its season finale today, and the top 9 winners debuting in the new girl group The Nine are as follows, 3 out of the 9 members have been affiliated with Kpop at one point, Snow Kong was a former JYP trainee who trained alongside Tzuyu of Twice, Kiki is a member of SNH48 & the sub unit SNH48 7senses, who made their Korean debut in 2018, K Lu debuted in a “boy” group called Fanxy Redd, where she also made her Korean debut in 2019, You can see more from each of the members in the winning team. [3] Besides offering strict professional guidance and emotional care, he also symbolized the power of role models. [citation needed] The youth producers' representative Cai Xukun appeared as a "warm heart senior". [6] Her experience coincides with the idea of "Don't define, only create infinite possibilities" in Season 3, which is also the profound reason that the program chose her as the new music mentor. [citation needed], The show convenes 109 young girls with dreams who sing and dance well and will move towards the final debut through a four-month training and stage competition. According to him, Shen Bing had made threatening comments to his wife after learning of his marriage. [6], Lisa is the dance mentor of Season 3. All of them prove themselves by their solo performances and are all assigned to A class. The trainee that is drawn can finish her selection of teammates at once. [12][13], The stage of preliminary rating continues. BLACK sit down for a very cute and fun interview with Jimmy Kimmel on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'! Then comes the stage of preliminary rating for the trainees. She insists that she doesn't live in the comments at all, and she will love herself, be herself, and go ahead bravely. [7], Four mentors arrive at the welcome party and met the 109 trainees. [10][11], The stage of preliminary rating continues. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Wang Qing and Zhang Yu perform Theme Song of Love using their very unique style and make all the mentors and trainees laugh a lot. The battle between AKB48 and SNH48 also attracts everyone's attention as the two groups are from the same system. [7], As a leading figure of the Chinese rap industry, Jony J is the first rapper in China to hold a concert of ten thousand people. Yan Yu. 2. The show is presented by Cai Xukun with Lisa, Jony J and Ella Chen serving as the mentors. After choosing the song they want, Class A trainees can also select the teammates they want. He is stricter than the trainees expect. Every group needs to choose a leader and centre. GOT7's Youngjae wrapped up in school bullying allegations, BTS spotted scoring 'Dynamite'(?) allkpop® is a registered trademark of 6Theory Media, LLC. [3], Kun, as the winner of Season 1, rarely participated in variety shows after his debut. Kiki Xu. You’re then paired up with a case manager who helps you to outline long and short-term goals and then create an actionable plan to meet those goals. The Top 9 trainees with the most votes in the final episode get to debut in the Chinese girl group THE9. Different songs are for different positions, but only trainees in Class A has the right to select the song they prefer. Fromis_9 releases special clip to b-side track "Mulgogi"! The first mission for the trainees is position assessment. [5] Being the representative of youth producers is not only a retrospect of the very beginning mind but also the inheritance of dreams. This time the mentors get to meet them in advance to learn about their characters and backgrounds so that they can talk with the trainees in a better way. Dance mentor Lisa performs In the Name of Love and Attention; rap mentor Jony J performs My Man; vocal mentor Ella performs How Old Are You; and youth producers' representative Kun performs YOUNG. The program begins with a thorough assessment of your current skills. In the end, the sisters persuade others, and Jie becomes the centre.[17]. Everyone is very surprised about Qinniu Zhengwei coming to this stage, but Qin thinks it is difficult to understand someone through the Internet, so she wants to show more about herself through the program. i think it was a predictable line up, either way im happy for the girls that ranked ! BTS's V maintains his royal status in China as he continues to dominate Weibo, China's biggest platform. However, the other two members don't agree because they think Chengxuan's level is way above the rest of the members. Lisa says this is what she has been waiting for, and Yuxin aced all the aspects. The order of selection is decided by random draw. The second season of Youth With You, which premiered on March 12 on Chinese streaming giant iQIYI, seeks to whittle down 109 potential trainees to form a nine-member girl band through audience voting. Every trainee introduces herself at the party and seated herself around a very long table next to each other. From left: Mentors Chen Jiahua, Cai Xukun, Lisa and Jony J pose for a photo at a press conference for Youth With You on Thursday in Guangzhou. Still, Jony believes it is better to give her a signal that she is good, but not good enough, so they assign her to Class B. Everyone wants the centre position, so the battle for it begins. Kun and Jony J have different opinions on Xie Keyin's ranking. Chua Zhuoyi bursts into tears when she shares how she feels about the odium from people on the Internet towards her. Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Ep1 Part1 Producer KUN's performance wowed the audience | iQIYI", "Ep1 Part2 Lisa's stage made fans' eyes moist | iQIYI", "Ep2 Part1 Fierce battle between contestants | iQIYI", "Ep2 Part2 The first contestant who gets an A | iQIYI", "Ep3 Part1 LISA talks about idol power, tears wet her eyes | iQIYI", "Ep3 Part2 Esther Yu's performance on the rating stage stunned KUN | iQIYI", "Ep4 Part1 LISA's live teaching drew cheers | iQIYI", "Ep4 Part2 KUN announced the position evaluation | iQIYI", "《青春有你2》的妹子们上《快乐大本营》,高清怼脸照新鲜出炉|青春有你2|快乐大本营|妹子_新浪网", "网友自曝出轨《青你2》申冰 且纵容女方伤害前妻|青春有你2|申冰|出轨_新浪娱乐_新浪网", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Youth_With_You_(season_2)&oldid=983668382, Articles needing additional references from November 2019, All articles needing additional references, Television articles using incorrect infobox, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2020, Articles needing additional categories from November 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Contestants eliminated in the final episode, Contestants eliminated in the third elimination round, Contestants eliminated in the second elimination round, Contestants eliminated in the first elimination round, : Former trainee under Banana Culture's Trainee 18, : Achieved first place in the 7th Request Time Election, This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 15:16. The performance of the girls from Yuehua ENT is great as a whole, but the mentors are not impressed by any of them as they don't have distinct characteristics, so all of them are assigned to Class C.[16], The preliminary rating finally ends. The Nine Star Youth Employment program can help you get a job. It begins with the competition within the original rap team. Winners of Youth With You Season 2, with a unique blend of gender neutral and pop princess members, The9 look set to take C-pop to the world Meet The9, the … Ella points out that both groups' performances are quite formulized and lack personal characteristics. After the performance of rap team, Lin Xiaozhai attracts the trainees' attention because she is already a very famous influencer and owns a successful business. 3. [16][17], After the grouping ends, responsibility assignment comes. [4], The "Concept X" proposed in this series implies the infinite possibilities of the show itself and the trainees. When trainee Yu Shuxin was announced a member of THE9, she sang a song to prove her vocal abilities after many found her performance in "Hunt" disappointing. [6] In addition to helping the participants in music, her joining has a more profound meaning for the young and inexperienced trainees. The 1st episode of Youth With You (formerly known as Idol Producer) has been revealed. [4] Only 9 out of 109 girls can debut by forming a girl group, and they will be selected based on the votes of the youth producers. [3], In the production of Youth With You Season 2, iQiyi has achieved localized innovation. Though they already have some achievement in their circle, Mo Han says they are in a status of closed-loop development, so they want to get out of the loop and make progress step by step. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the filming location, Guangdong, has been sealed up and filming has been halted since 22 January.

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