“But she didn’t,” he says, cursing out Jordan. He even came to Blue Valley in the hopes of finding the people responsible for their deaths. Pat still wanted revenge on the ISA and offered to help his fellow JSA member, Rex Tyler, who had also survived the battle.

Starman wielded a mysterious anti-gravity weapon called the Cosmic Staff. It turns out that her stepdad, Pat Dugan, was superhero Starman’s sidekick. Pat nods understanding that he isn't fit for the torch. As Pat skulks off to crash at his garage, a concerned Mike insists on coming with. Sam Stone is a 10th level pop culture guru living just outside of Washington, DC who knows an unreasonable amount about The Beatles.

They get into Pat's car and try to flee the scene. Pat Dugan is a gifted mechanic with a penchant for helping others. After clarifying that it was he, and not Icicle, who killed Merry back in the day. Starman lands and helps Pat to his feet, remarking that he told Pat to stay in the car. Jordan himself meanwhile pays Sr. a visit at the hospital, saying that with Dr. Ito’s machine ready, all they need is his very special brainpower to reshape people’s thoughts en masse. Friends You can read his work in the pages of Image+, follow him on Twitter @samstoneshow, and listen to his podcast Geek Out Show on iTunes and Google Play.

After accepting a job in Blue Valley, Barbara, Pat, his son Mike, and stepdaughter Courtney, moved from California to Blue Valley.

As time progresses, Pat shows a strong sense of duty and loyalty to his family and newfound friends.

Pat is a kind-hearted and brave man with a strong sense of loyalty. This recap contains spoilers from Episode 10 of DC’s Stargirl (which premieres new episodes Monday on DC Universe and Tuesday on The CW). After clarifying that it was he, and not Icicle, who killed Merry back in the day, Sr. chooses villainy over family once again and KO’s his kid with a barrage of rubble, before crashing the tunnel roof down on top of him. Sylvester put on a mask to stop criminals from threatening his parents, and Pat helped him in his endeavor. to go through next. Pat uses a fifteen-foot armored robotic suit when operating as the superhero sidekick S.T.R.I.P.E. He tries to express this to Courtney and coach her in being a normal teenager.

!” asks Court, before giving Junior a big hug. He asks Mike to give Blue Valley a chance and stay positive, though Mike remarks he is positive - positive it will blow.

Pat sighs and ignores Mike's comments as he helps Barbara load up the moving man.[1].

Unbeknownst to them at the time, the battle was a trap as the ISA planned to eliminate the JSA so they could further a secret agenda.

He shows an extraordinary sense of patience in training the JSA and handling his pre-adolescent son who is acting out in an attempt to gain his father's attention. Now alone on the bad side of the bars, Junior faces off with his father, but he is no match. She reiterates that Starman was not her father, before announcing that they will be leaving Blue Valley soon as she gets back from the office. Frozen in its tracks, the staff is then literally frozen by Jordan, who then takes it and leads Sr. off to Dr. Ito’s lab to get his memory back. He is intelligent and methodical, wanting to air on the side of caution as he knows the consequences of not having a plan. Rex declined his help, even turning down Pat's new armored robot.

He shows remorse for yelling and apologizes almost immediately, claiming that he's handling a lot.

The show, based on the DC comic series, follows teen Courtney Whitmore who discovers a superhero costume and cosmic staff in her basement.

He relays all that he has learned — that his dad is awake, and his mom was Starman’s sister. Pat kept Starman's staff safe and retired from his sidekick days.

Owner of The Pit Stop He is surprised yet emotional when Courtney embraces him, and he comforts the saddened girl. He served as the sidekick to Sylvester's teenage alias, Star-Spangled-Kid. His loyalty to his friends has lasted well after their deaths.

He avoids blasts and fights as he witnesses Wildcat land on the grass in front of him, now dead from the impact.

In a flashback to two years ago, we see how Barbara and Pat first met — both ordering, and ultimately sharing, a banana split at the diner in Blue Valley, where Barbara was selling her late mother’s house. Justice Society of AmericaSeven Soldiers of Victory (Formerly)

Sylvester went as the masked hero, Star-Spangled Kid. But just when he goes for the kill, Yolanda breaks the Cosmic Staff free from its own cage and slips it to Courtney, who zaps her attacker.

Stargirl is joined by her faithful sidekick STRIPE, a powerful, robotic suit operated by her stepfather Pat Dugan, in the latest promo.

Male Stargirl is joined by her faithful sidekick STRIPE, a powerful, robotic suit operated by her stepfather Pat Dugan, in the latest promo.

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