Because of their delicacy, the narrow leaf shoots are harvested for only a few days in late March and April. Our sole purpose is to serve you this best tea and we take all the possible steps to ensure that from ethical practices to quality control. They were quick to rave on the topic, explaining that they had been drinking this tea every day for the last 15 years and that their skin has never felt healthier. Several green teas display prominent trichomes but have different biochemical potency and taste than the genuine white tea Silver Needle. Benefits of polyphenols on gut microbiota and implications in human health. The tea’s plush silver needles are rich in high molecular weight polyphenols. It helps in digesting your food in a better way and removes unwanted waste materials from your body. Jie, G., Lin, Z., Zhang, L., Lv, H., He, P., & Zhao, B. This grading is mainly based on the quality of the raw material, with the silver needle … Drinking Silver Needle can help gut microbiota adjust biological activities, improve nutrient bioavailability, and produce antioxidants such as flavonols and phenolic metabolites (Cardona et al., 2013). Unlike coffee, the caffeine in this tea is released slowly and lasts longer in your body system and hence helps in reducing anxiety and depression. Certain qualities of vitamins and nutrients (i.e., the fact that they are easily oxidized and their molecular weight) prevent them from reaching the lowermost layer of skin. Free radical scavenging effect of Pu-erh tea extracts and their protective effect on oxidative damage in human fibroblast cells. Bowe, W. Logan, A. I was halfway through an Integrative Health Practitioner certification at the time, and the science behind this tea and its effect on skin health stuck with me. This top-quality tea is divine in taste and real beauty if we talk about its colour and aroma. The tea liquor color is light green and the texture is very smooth. Its flavour with time gets smoother and deeply mellow with a strong honey aroma. Applied and environmental microbiology, 72(3), 1729-1738. It is important here to mention the point that Silver Needle Ceylon Tea should always be enjoyed pure, without adding any flavour or mixing with any other grade/type of tea. Along with these benefits, catechins can also act as a prebiotic that supports gut health. It takes about 5 KG of freshly picked tips to produce just one kilo of Silver Needle Ceylon Tea. Open pores help prevent acne breakouts and allow the skin to remain healthy. Because of this exercise, the buds acquire a unique character because of the minimum oxidation. All that I have read points to one fact: healthy skin begins in your gut microbiome! Required fields are marked *. She continues to work with clients and educating her community on the health benefits of tea and herbals. Improves oral health: Drinking this tea without any sweetener will not only bring to you a refreshing flavour but also will not protect your mouth and tea from harmful tooth decaying and bad breath bacteria. Because of its uniqueness, rareness, and super smooth texture, Silver Needle … Hence, it contains the maximum of its naturally occurring antioxidants which are good for your health. Tea Tasting in a Box - A new tea adventure awaits! Trivia: It is a popular saying that the Chinese Emperor Hui Tsung was so much obsessed with finding and preparing the perfect Silver Needle tea that he was too preoccupied to keep his empire from being invaded by the Mongols. Because of its honey-like fruity flavour, this tea doesn’t need any addition of sugar, honey, or milk. excellent article; i am very pleased with teakruthi products. Having an inquisitive and quantitative mind, I was soon drinking a cup and diving into the tea research. Unlike black tea and pu erh, which are fully fermented teas, white tea is minimally oxidised, maintaining it's green/white color. Huang, F., Zheng, X., Ma, X., Jiang, R., Zhou, W., Zhou, S., Zhang, Y., Lei, S., Wang, S., Kuang, J., Han, X. Drinking Silver Needle Ceylon Tea is a very refreshing and soothing experience in itself because of its characteristic taste, colour, and aroma. Tea buds, also called tips or needles, are the youngest part of the tea plant and are bursting with goodness.On the other hand, they also happen to be tiny AND super time-consuming to pick: you need thousands and thousands of buds to make just one kilo of Silver Needle. The main factor contributing to the fact that caffeine levels tend to be lower for white tea is because they're often steeped at a lower temperature. When you're enjoying this tea with friends, then skip the first brew, and let them enjoy it first. Several green teas display prominent trichomes but have different biochemical potency and taste than the genuine white tea Silver Needle. It’s already delicious from the first steep, though the second and third steep are the best. by Nomad Tea Festival Europe - 1 week ago. Cardona, F., Andrés-Lacueva, C., Tulipani, S., Tinahones, F. J., & Queipo-Ortuño, M. I. The processing steps are fairly simple and don't give much room for impurities either. I was eager to understand this phenomenon’s root after experiencing skin issues in the past (acne and sensitivity). Sun exposure depletes the skin’s natural immune response and can be restored by drinking Silver Needle, which also protects skin cells from sun damage.

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