The Art Store’s all-in-one solution takes care of the packaging, shipping and payment for you, so you don’t have to worry about technicalities. So, not only showcasing your artwork but creating art and fine art content on your blog is a must to build a successful art blog. Don’t waste this opportunity. This project turned out to be a massive success. If you want to avoid hassle and legal claims you MUST be compliant with ALL relevant law and regulations relating to trading law, eCommerce and data privacy – which you can check out on my website. All these platforms offer great features that you cannot deny. However, I’ve noticed over time that many artists are ignorant of the do’s and don’ts for selling online in terms of what information MUST be present on any site they sell from. We’re always striving to provide our readers with the best information. ), 139 Digital Marketing Statistics You Need to Know for Your Small Business For 2021, Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses: 9 Best Practices, How To Create Buyer-Centric Content For Top, Middle & Bottom Of The Funnel, 9 Incredible Ways To Find Content Ideas For Your Small Business, What Small Business Owners Need To Know About NetSuite Accounting Software. It has more than 150,000 registered users and serves over 200 million art views across 186 countries. To level up your promotion, you can make use of If you are not prepared to give up some of your studio time to do this, then perhaps online sales are not the best route for you. While we want to sell heaps and become a Rockerfeller, if you can’t service that client base and followers, then it’s going to be a short-lived flash of success. He also received three commissions, which included two small and one large commission. Don’t be afraid to follow up: It might feel salesy or unnatural at first, but following up with people who have enquired about your work. To give you an idea about the power of an email list, let’s take a look at an artist whose art business boomed after he made use of an email list. My greatest advice here is a business one – cost everything out and transfer that to the client. After they started working with BigCommerce in 2014, Flash Tattoos has gained immense exposure and sales, growing more than 100% each year. This applies whether it’s in person or online. eCommerce platforms have significantly improved online transactions of goods and services. If you are serious about creating an online art business – yes, you are not just selling artworks out the backdoor of the studio – then you have to think of it as a business plan. So selling art online is a natural stepping stone to financial freedom. Fine Art America is the world's largest online art marketplace and print-on-demand technology company. Think it through. It won’t be you main channel for selling, but no one wants to miss an opportunity. Criner painted Shark (Candice’s horse). Katie Carey head of content & marketing at says that promoting your artwork online is critical to being a creative entrepreneur and running an art business—especially today. If you are still a newbie in the realm of online business, you can seek the help of professionals to get you started. Smart tip: wherever you place your art online, be sure to use titles or descriptions that match the most searched-for terms for the items you’re selling. Network with clients, leverage existing connections such as email lists, and ensure that when your clients frequent their usual online haunts, your name is there. For budding merchants, stores with five products or under are free of charge. As of today, Criner sells her paintings for up to $1200. This helps your fans feel like part of the process and keeps them more involved in your work, a big part of how to sell art online. By Carrie Lewis in Art Business Advice > General Art Advice As fun as it is to create art, most artists (myself included) can’t deny the thrill that comes from selling your art to someone who loves it. And, as art fairs and traditional market streams have suffered during COVID-19, online art sales have come into their own. But they are destination sites and allow visibility for a new client pool. Hover effects on Wix user Two One Studio's online store. She realized the thing about her growing business was the emotional connection of her customer with the art she created and her own personal touch. To help you understand more about this, let me tell you why. A lot of times galleries want to see a track record of sales from the artist to begin with. They've been helping artists sell wall art , tapestries , home decor, apparel, and other products since 2006 and are home to hundreds of thousands of artists, photographers, graphic … Came up with the most beautiful art pieces, but don’t know how to sell them? I suppose the most important kernel of knowledge for selling your art online is persistence, and to keep it manageable. Like any investment or skills portfolio, you need to diversify. Editors note: Below are expert tips when it comes to using social media: 1. That’s why some commercial platforms like Amazon use actual views set in a space. In addition, Wix Art Store offers a print on demand service for selling digital images, prints (both framed and unframed) and other merchandise. These platforms operate a little like art fairs – a one-stop shop of many art vendors. She almost never sell large work online. Once you set the right tone, make sure to carry it across your entire brand – from the design of your online portfolio and store to your logo, social feeds and marketing materials. Check out her post about Following Up After You’ve Sold a Piece of Art. Others, use squarespace because of the same reason. The presence of online art galleries has significantly increased over the years. The fulfillment and shipping of the products will be taken care of by Printful or Printify for each new order. She continued to reach out to more and more people, even on Facebook groups and communities. You can promote arts such as paintings, woodcraft, papercraft, pottery, jewelry, and an array of other works. Her online shop has allowed more people to view her artworks at once, giving Chan the platform to come in contact with more collectors and buyers. We’ve got your back! Thus eCommerce platforms are a great way to reach more and more people and gain customers for your art. Selling your art online using social media connections is fairly easy. Believe me – there is nothing quick about getting up an online business and magically making money. Just by being there, you won’t see sales coming. Remember that you are not just selling your artwork, but also the stories that it is bound up in – stories that potential collectors can become a part of. Even galleries, which are traditionally a refuge of in-person marketing, are converting to online businesses. Building an email list is one of the first things you should do when you’re working on your new online business. This exercise is about building supporters, not preening feathers. From that day on, Criner started getting a number of referrals from horse owners wanting for her piece of art. However, any kind of online shop/store is just the platform. When building a brand, think about the mood you’d like to evoke with your products and online store. One option is to set up an eCommerce website for selling your original pieces. According to Alyson Stanfield founder of, people are most excited to hear from you—to connect with you—at the moment of purchase. While it sounds silly, it is a really important career strategy to consider. Along with providing artworks from several galleries and exhibitions, it brings to you different art that you might be interested in through emails. Make high-quality pictures of your art. Facebook has a massive platform to put your piece out for promotion. We make it easy for everyone to create a beautiful, professional web presence. Having a previous life as a gallerist, and after nearly a decade in the digital art world, I’ve spent some time picking the eyes out of those creative self-help guides, to create this definitive – real must know – list. Last year, Art Basel placed online sales at 9% of the global art market – or an estimated new high of $US6 billion (AUD$1.27B) in 2018, up 11% year-on-year. With everything she had, she started on a blank canvass. Selling your art directly to collectors maximizes your potential. Make posts with call to action running promotions. NETWORK. Do you want to drive awareness of your event to an engaged audience? You need to connect on a deeper level with potential customers and build a brand for your online business. With the Public Profile on Artwork Archive, artists can easily publish their artworks to a professional online portfolio. First-time users are offered a two-week free trial, and can later pick out of various pricing plans. Smart tip: wherever you place your art online, be sure to use titles or descriptions that match the most searched-for terms for the items you’re selling. Don’t get lazy and forget to use them. Artists can sell physical products, digital products, services and more. Before you even list a single artwork for sale – regardless of what platform – you need to consider the most basic things like the costs of packing materials, the cost of postage/shipping, shipping insurance, and the presentation of the object if you are selling more production and art merchandise from the studio. Sell your Art – Tip #4: Be interested in What they Tell you! Artsy is one of the biggest online art galleries out there. Building an email list gives you a huge advantage just as much as any other online ad services. There are lots of blog sites that offer tips on how to wrap and ship artworks – check them out. Promote your business, showcase your art, set up an online shop or just test out new ideas. This online gallery can stand alone or be embedded into any page on your own artist website. Here’s waht Aaron Hockley founder of has to say: When it comes to selling art online, we’re fortunate in that the hardest part isn’t the online platform anymore. Selling your own art can lead to a unique sense of accomplishment in every dollar you make, whether it’s through your own art store, a print on demand service or through a mix of the two. This isn’t a case of “If you build it, they will come.”. Write good descriptions. For instance, Eugenia Chan is a jewelry designer and sells her jewelry online. It is still important to show large work on websites, so that potential collectors know you can produce serious work. On the Move: Latest sector appointments and departures, Australian Directors' Guild Awards 2020: More than half the winners are women, Exit Interview: Michael Rolfe, CEO Museums & Galleries NSW, ‘We're tradies too!’ Melbourne's photography industry demands to return to work, To review our subscription options please select, Copyright © 2000-2020 ARTS HUB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, Receive industry jobs, news, and more to your inbox, Receive newsletters featuring leading industry jobs, news, opportunities and events, online sales at 9% of the global art market, boasts of selling 200 pieces online last year, How to write an art-wank free artist statement, Artists Essentials Toolkit #3: Making money from your art online. Not only do these design features make shopping for your products more engaging, but they can also convey more information about your offerings: Set your pricing: Determining how to price your products is always a tough call. Carolyn Edlund founder of Artsyshark advises that although third-party platforms are available, she  recommends that serious artists have their own website.

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