A specialist in psychiatry, general practice, family planning and public health medicine, he has taught public health at undergraduate and … He said: "John hang in there. Clive Peedell, an NHS consultant, said that Professor Ashton's campaigning has saved lives. Piccadilly Plaza Local leaders across the North have warned to prepare for tougher restrictions with many reports over the weekend confirming the government has been locked in talks with mayors and councillors to negotiate a new furlough scheme following the imminent closures of many bars and pubs. You’ve always been a fine public servant and still are." We might have been able to have this three point approach to not locking down. Where will you have to self-isolate when arriving back in the UK from? The Group currently works closely with the Health Development Agency, the Health Protection Agency and the Public Health Observatory on immunization, infectious diseases and emergency planning. I have read an interesting interview with Prof John Ashton regional director of Public health in North West England in the Guardian. Professor John Ashton CBE is the North West Regional Director Of Public Health and Regional Medical Officer for the Department of Health. North West Public Health Team, Department of Health UK The views expressed in this video belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of DDN. ... Whitton The bodies of the couple were discovered by family … E-mail: john.r.ashton@dh.gsi.gov.uk. Sadly, the government now has lost not just the public but it’s lost most of the northern leaders, it’s becoming quite anarchistic. Free travel is ending for many young people, but what about those who never had it in the first place? “Whereas at the beginning if we had the testing capacity we wouldn’t have needed to lock the whole country down. “I think what’s going to happen over the next week or two is going to be critical. Public health expert Professor John Ashton believes the country is heading for a second national lockdown and says there has been a ‘serious’ breakdown of trust between northern leaders and the government. First toilet roll, then eggs and now this ... MoneySavingExpert Martin Lewis' stern warning to anyone who's already turned on the heating, Southall explosion live: Updates as firefighters rescue 4 adults and 1 child as building collapses, Specialist crews are still searching for anyone who may be trapped inside the King Street building, Heathrow emergency landing live: Updates as British Airways flight returns to airport as fire engines rush to runway, "There was a smell of burning and some crew felt unwell", Air ambulance lands in Bromley after police rush to scene of shooting, Southall explosion: Pictures show shop destroyed as 5 people rescued from wreckage, Four adults and one child had to be rescued by fire crews, Family-run home care provider, Sahan Cares, wins Enterprise of the Year Award, Sahan Cares is delighted to announce it has won Enterprise of the Year at the annual Third Sector Awards ceremony, which virtually took place on Thursday, October 8, Latest Foreign Office travel advice for Cyprus, Corfu, Corsica, Sardinia, Mallorca and other Mediterranean islands. Professor John Ashton CBE is the North West Regional Director Of Public Health and Regional Medical Officer for the Department of Health. “The breakdown of trust is really serious at this key point. Professor John Ashton has given a stark warning as the coronavirus rates rise in the UK.. We have introduced measures to strengthen and assure the health of the North West against new and emerging infections and risks from terrorism. Professor Ashton said the evolutionists believe this all happened by small changes over millions and millions of years. North West Public Health Team, Department of Health UK. Speaking from his home in Cumbria Ashton said: “Well it’s looking really grim now, we’re definitely back as we were at the end of March when the cases were escalating the hospitals were filling up, the deaths were mounting. “Behind closed doors oligarchs sit down with ministers and say ‘this is what we want’ & ministers say ‘sure, here it is’.”, The Professor who called it right on Coronavirus dire warning to the British public, “The government is recklessly taking us into this unknown situation where we could be right back where we were within a matter of weeks”, “Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later, that debt is paid”, “Coronavirus should be a warning that our current system is not fit for purpose”, Keep up to date with our latest videos, news and content, Peter Geoghegan, Mig, za, bannon, hayes, olig, Hoax, circ, Boris Johnson is Recklessly Gambling with Your Health, The Government Has Learnt Nothing, Expect A Second Wave | Professor John Ashton, The Cost of Lies: Why Coronavirus is the UK's Chernobyl, The Coronavirus Video Boris Johnson Doesn't Want You To See, The Worst Possible People are in Charge at the Worst Possible Time | George Monbiot on Coronavirus. Appointed as the UK violence focal point to WHO on behalf of the Chief Medical Officer in 2004, Professor Ashton works closely with the Centre for Public Health, Liverpool John Moores University and the Health Protection Agency for the North West to promote a coordinated public health approach to violence prevention across the United Kingdom. The North West Public Health Group works closely with key partners on action for health protection. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, former Regional Director of Public Health Ashton didn’t pull any punches when asked about the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis describing the next couple of weeks as ‘critical’. The government is this week set to introduce a new three tier local lockdown system with many regions, including Merseyside set to be hit by the extraordinary measures as early as Wednesday. It has a dedicated Population Healthcare team responsible for screening programmes. United Kingdom. People get to spend more times with their families They as Professor Ashton says are. “I think now we’re heading towards a situation where the whole country will need to lockdown again but there will need to be proper arrangements in place to support the economy.”, leaders across the North have warned to prepare for tougher restrictions, we’re definitely back as we were at the end of March, the government now has lost not just the public but it’s lost most of the northern leaders, The beach less than 3 hours from London named the best in the country, Get it on the to-do list for your next weekend away, Lidl recalls blocks of cheese over worries they contain pieces of plastic, The supermarket chain has apologised to shoppers for the safety risk, The Aldi shopping list trick hidden in plain sight that only the savviest of shoppers will know, Martin Lewis shares warning to shoppers who use cash to pay in supermarkets, The Money Saving Expert said customers need to be aware of the law, The traditional Christmas London event that is still going ahead this year, After the cancellation of Winter Wonderland and the New Years Eve Fireworks there will be huge amounts of excitement around this London institution, The London museum showing what life in the capital has been like in lockdown, The Museum of Home in Shoreditch has documented how drastically our lives have changed since the pandemic took over our lives in March, Here’s what the EastEnders child actor who played Liam Butcher looks like now, Actor James Forde was just 11 years old when he joined the BBC One soap, Savvy student eating tasty food on £1 a day shares her creative shopping list, ASOS and JD Sports are running low on tracksuits and it's because of coronavirus.

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