Thanks for marking this as the answer. If you want to make up your own key of the form nnn-nnnnnnn, it seems that the first three digits can be any number you… Our community of experts have been thoroughly vetted for their expertise and industry experience. Printing the report, or saving it is probably a good idea. This thread is locked. This is the only place you will get any support at all for 97. CD Key:1234-12345678089-30696929990-14565079978-12345674156-02870654190-0003756 We help IT Professionals succeed at work. - Enchanted Keyfinder Beta Portable- Win (9X, ME, NT/2K/XP, Vista, Win7), MS Office (97, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010), Recover key for 484 other software and counting. Start SIW (no install required) and click on Software | Licenses. Microsoft Office 97 ProfessionalSerial: 4667-0009847. Product Key Finder for Win, Office & 3000+ more prog. They cleaned it out,  but in the process deleted my Microsoft Office 97 program, among other things. (Trial only shows first 4 char), Win Default Product Key Extracted implied upgrade from NT, Office 2010 Home & Student Free Upgrade from 2007 Sticker. Most of'em has been posted by Brian few years ago. I bought my Gateway computer in March 1997 and a Microsoft Office 97 disc came with. Galite bet kuriuo metu keisti savo pasirinkimus puslapyje „Jūsų privatumo valdymo funkcijos“. Several years ago, I OEM'd to a client a computer with Office 97 Pro. - License Crawler for Vista XP (Office 2003 , 2007 , 2010 , Win Vista ), (Office 2003 , 2007 , 2010 , Win Vista ). That is entirely the wrong format for a product key, MS always writes it a 5 groups of 5 char separated by dashes, so I suspect you are looking in the wrong location for the product key. How to Reinstall Vista / Win7 / Office 2010 Without Having to Reactivate -, In Windows 7, can you use the Windows.old folder that the installer made to regain that product key? I am needing to know the length of the product key for use in re-installing Office 97, OEM version. On the sleeve or package that the Office 97 CD is stored in, look for the Product Key on a Orangish-Yellow paper sticker with black text . This is useful if you’re trying to get the key details from the backup of a now defunct machine. The Windows XP 2012 virus came onto my computer right before the end of 2011,  about December 29. License Crawler V1.2 B98 (Office 2003 , 2007 , 2010 , Win Vista ) Terms of Service apply. „Yahoo“ yra „Verizon Media“ dalis. This award recognizes tech experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community and go the extra mile with helpful contributions. It was an 11 digit number. This was an OEM CD, license, and case with Key on the yellow sticker on the back, acquired in either 1996 or 1997. Experts Exchange is the only place where you can interact directly with leading experts in the technology field. So I took it to a local computer repair shop. Privacy Policy and All files together employ a digital signature that prevents tokens.dat be replaced on other machines I have not had an opportunity to try these tools: Advanced Token Manger -  Tokens.dat works as a digitally signed file, which stores the majority of the windows activation files. I have tried the first 6 in this list with various degrees of success: - not only does Belarc extract product keys, it reports on a WHOLE BUNCH of other stuff you want to know. also, something amusing about the older versions of office, 97 will accept all 9's or 1's, and i think all 7's, too. Nirsoft ProduKey V1.45-  0714g), V 2.0.8- Office 2003 OK, 2007 OK, 2010 na, Win Vista Wrong) How satisfied are you with this response? Become a member today and access the collective knowledge of thousands of technology experts. Experts with Gold status have received one of our highest-level Expert Awards, which recognize experts for their valuable contributions. (SIW for Win 2010 Build Informacija apie jūsų įrenginį ir interneto ryšį, įskaitant jūsų IP adresą, Naršymas ir paieška naudojantis „Verizon Media“ svetainėmis ir programomis. When I insert the disc for Microsoft Office 97, it asks for a 20 digit product id number, which I do not have. *This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Try the /Regfile option . You don't. I have a few collection of Microsoft CD Keys that work for a number of microsoft softwares. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the product key, we may not able be to assist you since Office 97 is a legacy product. Use it search your windows.old and use the hive function to point to the windows.old\windows folder, - 13 keyfinder programs, - Gateway had already preinstalled it. (Get your first solution completely free - no credit card required), Your product key is stored in the registry, so if you still can access the old system you can use a tool like Belarc Advisor or Magical Jelly Bean to retrieve that key,,,;%5Bln%5D;326246,;en-us;cntactms. MS stopped providing ANY support for Office 97 several years ago. It compromised my windows operating system, not allowing me to open certain programs. Now after reformat and re-install of OS, she is trying to re-install Office. Skip to main content. Check'em out. Try Recover Keys 9990-999999 , or something like that something else you could try: 8089-3069692 , 9990-1456507 or 9978-1234567 Great! Can't see the point of posting a 23 year old program download that still need a CD key. The full version costs $30. So I did not have to install it. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. 8+ characters (letters, numbers, and a symbol). Office 2003 OK , 2007 , 2010 , Win Vista ) ... On the sleeve or package that the Office 97 CD is stored in, look for the Product Key on a Orangish-Yellow paper sticker with black text . Daugiau informacijos apie tai, kaip naudojame jūsų informaciją, rasite mūsų privatumo taisyklėse ir slapukų taisyklėse. Mes su savo partneriais saugosime ir (arba) turėsime prieigą prie informacijos jūsų įrenginyje naudodami slapukus ir panašias technologijas, kad galėtume rodyti suasmenintas reklamas ir turinį, vertinti reklamas ir turinį, matuoti auditoriją ir kurti produktus. They have a free demo version to see if it will work for you. Norėdami leisti „Verizon Media“ ir mūsų partneriams tvarkyti jūsų asmens duomenis, pasirinkite „Sutinku“ arba pasirinkite „Tvarkyti nuostatas“, jei norite gauti daugiau informacijos ir valdyti savo pasirinkimus. Product key is located on your Certificate of Authenticity or the sticker on the back of the CD case. ProduKey may be able to extract product key information from a registry file saved externally.

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