We do not write the stories, and admit sometimes mistakes can be made, so please point out any errors for correction. Dara Chaum Chan sang so many of songs at that era. She was a movie star in the late 60s, earliest 1970s she enrolled into music. Cambodian Rocks, released on the New York-based Parallel World label in 1996, contained 22 uncredited, untitled tracks of pre-Khmer Rouge psychedelic and garage rock music. every women want to look different and elegant. - by Sovathana Sokhom, The Cambodian Royal Chronicle - by Chhay Chanda, Reflection of a Khmer Soul - by Navy Phim, Daughter of the killing fields - by Theary Seng. USA: A Cambodian singer of the ‘Golden Age’ of the 1960’s has died in a US hospital only a few days after a bad fall. classical khmer songs forever. [10][9][11] Reviewers likened his "Yuvajon Kouge Jet", for example, to a "fuzzed-out, reverb-soaked,"[11] "go-go organ and fuzz-guitar"[12] cover of Them's "Gloria. i think everyone's songs of those time were unique and good in their own way. please rip.i also wonder why the old khmer singers dont open up school and help teach this new generation whose really want to sing. After viewing ‘Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten’, the Le Boutier family fell for Sieng Vanthy’s charismatic stage persona. Sieng Vanthy, Self: Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock & Roll for example prep savat,sreymom..... they are suck. "[5][1], As with many of his contemporaries, a great deal of the information about Aularong's life, as well as his creative output, was lost during the Khmer Rouge regime. rip. [1] A member of the Cambodian royal family who knew Aularong explained that as a non-conformist musician with western influences, Aularong was likely targeted for imprisonment or execution immediately. It’s depending on how you grow up and your goal wish to be singer. 1968, Kingdom of Cambodia. Please listen carefully of Dara Chaum Chan and Huy Meas songs. The published content and content contained within this website do not represent the views of CNE, unless otherwise stated. so, i think all we can do is encourage more and more khmer people not to be shy and reveal their true talents or skills, etc... may they all rest in peace (rip). i truly believe there are more talented khmer golden voice singers of the new generation out there waiting to be discovered. His public persona was that of a "bad boy" who flirted, sang sarcastic songs about everyday life, and claimed not to care about money or fame. She has 4 sisters and a brother; she was a fourth child and her sister, SIENG Dy, was a famous singer since the mid 1950s. Her older sister, Sieng Di, was a celebrated singer during the early Sixties who appeared in many [2], Embarking on a music career, he stood out from the typical Cambodian pop music of the time by focusing on self-expression and social commentary. rip and may budha bless the family.every time i hear famous khmer people die. I was sad when I heard Thy passed away. every khmer in the country can listen or copy my collections for free. Contact through IM; https://www.facebook.com/kampongnews. She has five siblings (including one brother), and she is the Benjamin of the family. But Pirozzi located and interviewed witnesses, scholars, and a key handful of musicians, such as Sieng Vanthy. Your friend Thy. I was a singer. god bless. [2] His lyrics were often humorous or sarcastic, based on everyday life and current styles, even when the music itself was more serious. by the way people, i collects khmer oldies. Both Huy Meas and Dara Chaum Chan voice are alike.Angkorian Krama Man. of course, in the 1960s these famous khmer talented singers and and song writers were accidentally discovered. Most of Khmers seem appreciate wrong singers voice. Sieng Dy (later known as Princess Sieng Dy after marrying a member of the Sisowath family), was born in 1945 and was from a musical family, with sisters So Sovinra and Sieng Vanthy also being famous voices of the era. Yol Aularong (Khmer: យស អូឡារាំង [jɔːh ouˌlaːˈraŋ]; also romanized as Yos Olarang) was a Cambodian garage rock musician, and a leading figure in that country's rock scene of the 1960s and 70s.He is presumed to have been killed during the Cambodian genocide that took place under the Khmer Rouge between 1975 and 1979. I was so happy to find her on internet today but so sad to know that i've found her too late. "[5], Aularong was regarded as an original artist, incorporating elements of soul, funk, and rock into his songs. I am so sad. i feel i lost one of my own and regretfull that they die. "[3][4] The 2015 documentary film Don't Think I've Forgotten, which profiles Aularong, recounts an exchange between Aularong and the prince in which he said "You're a prince, I'm not, but we will all die so who cares, let's have a drink. [1][6] According to Rebeat, his "subversive, satirical style and distorted psych guitar makes him the joker/rebel of the Cambodian rock scene. Most of the people get confuse with her voices and don’t seem to recognize her. i have this album. so, i stronly encourage everyone in the art business to be brave, courageous and do not be afraid to act, sing, be sexy, be yourself, etc... take ms. ron pen, for example, although her singing voice is not as beautiful as ms. ros sereysothea, one thing we all can agree was that she can rock. Her two older sisters were also famous stars: Mrs. SIENG Vanthy was born on January 08, 1948 in Prey Veng Province. Thanks for posting KI, Dara Chaum Chan?It seems that the young generation in the 21 century struggle to learn and interested of their ancestors singers. CNE is a news copy service, and not an actual recognized media outlet, and should not be thought of as such. Required fields are marked *. She was one of the only famous singers to have survived the war. i wouldnt listen to them even if they pay me to listen. she look sexy in those day. "[13] A few more of his songs have appeared on subsequent compilations by Khmer Rocks Inc. and others.[14]. He often performed with his aunt Vanthy and Pen Ran's younger sister, Pen Ram, as backing singers. High-bandwidth Virtual & Bare-metal server rental in Phnom Penh. [4] Though what happened to him is uncertain, according to the Huffington Post, "his name survived as a sort of codeword for the younger Cambodians to identify themselves as a way of keeping their culture alive. He left with his mother, but his fate is unclear. Dara Chaum Chan’s voice is quite a bit like a former singer Huy Meas. According to Reth Thidona, his mother was a famous singer during the Sangkum Reastr Niyum era, and she was a star of the SKD music group [, Out of the Dark: Into the Garden of Hope by Samuel N. Keo, វីរបុរសខ្មែរ ធ្វើពលិកម្ម ក្នុងពិភពអន្ធកាល, The Khmer Heroes Sacrifice in the Dark World - in English, The Great Danger of the Khmer Nation - by Tieng Narith, Cambodian Independent Teachers' Association, What Is Your Ten Minutes Worth? "[8], Western audiences were introduced to Aularong's work through compilation releases many years later. [1][2] His father was a member of Cambodia's diplomatic corps and he spent some of his childhood in France. She was 61-year-old. The woman in the picture, Sieng Vanthy, was a pop singer in late-1960s–early-1970s Cambodia, the setting for a brief but mighty rock ‘n’ roll renaissance that few outsiders know about: "[10] Meanwhile, The Diplomat considers it to be "one of the most enduring pop hits of Cambodia's first period of independence. Hers, it turns out, are the voice and the image that open the film. If there are any questions or complaints over any of the content displayed, kindly contact CNE. i'm going to hold on to it until i die. She was my mom aunt. Your email address will not be published. well, i guess, life goes on as life come and go. i love all, especially the beautiful clear, fluent khmer voices of the sangkum reastre niyum. Aularong was from a family of notable Cambodian musicians: singers Sieng Vanthy and Sieng Di were his aunts, and classical violinist/composer Has Salan was his uncle. Mrs. Sieng Vanthy, a former singer from the Sangkum Reastr Niyum era (Sihanouk’s regime) and mother of musician Reth Thidona and singer Tata, passed away in the afternoon of 09 December 2009, at the Soviet hospital. Do you guy recognize Dara Chaum Chan?

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