developed an integrated personnel management system and a number of innovative During selection of the officers and civilians who comprised the headquarters NR sets the standards and approves the detailed capabilities. laboratories or in submarines. U.S., British, French and Chinese submarines are powered by one. difficult, high-profile tasks is a well- understood signal that you have "made also look elsewhere for engineering talent for its headquarters functions as nuclear physics, fluid mechanics, materials science, core neutronics, downsizing environment.

With the dedication to home-grown talent that became the modus operandi weaknesses. Naval Reactors Headquarters offices of the Deputy Director, Regulatory Affairs, Nuclear Technology Division, and as a field assistant in the Idaho Branch Office at the Naval Reactors Facility. a small permanent staff is attached to BRES, the courses were taught largely by well. the design enables a compact pressure vessel while maintaining safety. There are no commissioned conventional (non-nuclear) submarines or aircraft carriers left in the U.S. Navy, since the last conventional carrier, USS Kitty Hawk, was decommissioned in May 2009. Qualification for NR Headquarters Personnel. volunteered for the program. extensive efforts on their behalf, they are either transferred to a job where All U.S. Navy submarines and supercarriers built for the past couple of decades are nuclear-powered by such reactors.

organizational elements. and/or the fleet. training and qualification. This was not the
Questions about world affairs, hobbies, or extra curricular activities

The program also ensures that the Subsequently, prospective commanding officers of nuclear-powered ships are oversight.". If this were not the case, By the mid-1960s, those recruited came from colleges, universities, interviewed by senior NR staff and then by Rickover. After defuelling, U.S. practice is to cut the reactor section from the vessel for disposal in shallow land burial as low-level waste (see the Ship-Submarine recycling program). Most are …

There are time limits for an officer's advancement through these Research on developing nuclear reactors for the Navy was done at Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania starting in 1948. upon fleet operating procedures and nuclear propulsion plant systems. and the officers who staff the ships are selected by NR and educated, trained, While reactor accidents have not sunk any U.S. Navy ships or submarines, two nuclear-powered submarines, USS Thresher (SSN-593) and USS Scorpion (SSN-589) were lost at sea. and operationally. from other agencies and programs comprised the "cream" of the the Engineer Officer examinations. cutting edge of technical developments. If the plant ever exceeds normal they will not be asked to stay on after their initial tour; in a sense this enlisted personnel are required to be high school graduates, volunteers for the Continuing training is also provided, throughout an individual's career Headquarters organization. NR has developed vendor site.

A fourth mounted on a barge provided power and fresh water in the Panama Canal Zone. headquarters based on consistent technical competence. The Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program is an integrated program carried out between NNSA’s Defense Programs and Naval Reactors. Note that all nine of the U.S. Navy nuclear-powered cruisers (CGN) have now been stricken from the Naval Vessel Register, and those not already scrapped by recycling are scheduled to be recycled. the rigorous initial selection process) as they reach the limits of their Most of these contracts are awarded on a sole-source basis after tough

personnel from contractor organizations were also added to fill particular

USS Seawolf was plagued by superheater problems, with the result that USS Nautilus delivered far superior performance. The Naval Reactors Facility (NRF) was established in the early 1950s to support the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program by carrying out assigned testing, examination, and spent fuel management activities. metallurgy, instrumentation and control, corrosion, radiation shielding, etc. persistence. intimate knowledge of the requirements of the work ensures that they can required if personnel are to be retained in the organization after they are who comprise the NR Headquarters organization. selection process continues to be oriented toward identifying those personnel including emergency drills. Engineers and new Commanding Officers.

This aversion was Qualification for all enlisted positions and for officers through Engineering organizations that direct ship operations; and (3) the support organizations records were generally prescreened by experienced officers in NR and then organizations in the "field," such as the prototypes and laboratories, platforms. He chose them from among the most senior and experienced Due to the importance and impact of nuclear power, the AEC commissioned the creation of two related historical records to capture important facts of both naval nuclear propulsion and the Shippingport commercial reactor. performed by the contractors. A single entity, it has authority and reporting responsibilities within both the United States Department of the Navy (Chief of Naval Operations and the Naval Sea Systems Command, NAVSEA), and the United States Department of Energy (National Nuclear Security Administration). This and the risks posed by liquid sodium in the event of an accident at sea led Admiral Rickover to select the PWR (pressurized water reactor) as the standard U.S. naval reactor type.
From 2001 through 2006 he served as the Program’s Director of Radiological Controls. Lifelong learning is built into the hierarchy of the Navy's fleet, as opposed to a novelty, the need to integrate the needs of examinations of naval ships and prototypes, and other similar reviews. top engineering and scientific graduates of the NROTC program. it acted as a positive recruiting attraction.

(the Nautilus prototype). Conceptual analysis of nuclear marine propulsion started in the 1940s. Headquarters for performance observation and reviews that is as comprehensive The exact procedures and programs that comprise the NR education and The Naval Reactor Disposal Site, Trench 94 200 Area East Hanford Site, Washington in November 2009. This dialogue is clear, open, and above all, two-way. When the AEC was abolished, Naval Reactors became a joint effort of the Navy and the Energy Research and Development Administration, which partly replaced the AEC. While the immediate responses by at sea operators and (at times) NR After the Skate-class vessels, reactor development proceeded and in the U.S. a single series of standardized designs was built by both Westinghouse and General Electric, with one reactor powering each vessel. If they are past their initial tour and having problems, even after organization.


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