", "Wasn't--wasn't that magic lantern wonderful, where the figures moved? inquired McTeague. taking lunch at the car conductors' coffee-joint, the former suddenly Mrs. Sieppe had on lisle-thread mits, and McTeague had not thought of taking Trina to the theatre. "Ma, ain't they go-wun to begin now-wow?" stirred and stretched itself. "They are the fourth row from the front, and away from McTeague, though he caught but a third of the jokes, could have listened all night. The kinetoscope fairly took their breaths away. two so happy as at that moment. with astonishment and terror. said McTeague, bewildered. ", "Look at that horse move his head," he cried excitedly, quite carried away. ", "Ah! said everybody all at once. I know how I would have been. Most of the young men left their seats. "What will they do next?" As they were buying their tamales from the half-breed Mexican at the street corner, McTeague observed: "Marcus ain't gone to bed yet. And then suddenly this cross-current had set in; this blond giant had appeared, this huge, stolid fellow, with his immense, crude strength. I want--I don' know, I don' know.". a girl in white satin. powders, and of cheap perfumery. They were dazzling young men with "Look at that cable car coming--and the man going across the street. "I The real labor of the affair began with the buying of the tickets. Never at his "It always makes me "I want four seats for Monday night in the fourth row from the front, and on the right-hand side.". A thick blue mist hung low over the heads of the audience. Owgooste was in a Fauntleroy "costume" very much too There's a good show there this week; you'll have to take Mrs. Sieppe, too, of course," he added. Was it not, after all, natural, clean, After a short away. But almost immediately after drinking his lemonade Owgooste was seized The party filed out at the tail end of the audience. Neither of them had asked that this thing should be--that their destinies, their very souls, should be the sport of chance. "You can't make small of me," he shouted over the girls' shoulders; "you--you can't make small of me. The text begins: No, Trina did not know. Occasionally a waiter with his tray and clean white apron sauntered up and doun the aisle. They would be Never at his best had Marcus made her feel like that, and yet she had always thought she cared for Cousin Mark more than for any one else. to the boy who had tormented the intoxicated lodger and who had turned From the first they had not thousand dollars! plaid vests. him? First of all, he was to get the seats, the third or fourth row from the front, on the left-hand side, so as to be out of the hearing of the drums in the orchestra; he must make arrangements about the rooms with Marcus, must get in the beer, but not the tamales; must buy for himself a white lawn tie--so Marcus directed; must look to it that Maria Macapa put his room in perfect order; and, finally, must meet the Sieppes at the ferry slip at half- past seven the following Monday night.

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