They are less invasive and have no side effects. This herb contains a lot of mucilage, which makes the tract slippery and allows easy passage of food, and treats reflux and heartburn as well (22). Oatmeal is rich in fiber and minerals that can regulate the digestive process. 3. Exercise for 30 minutes at least 3-4 times in a week. A lot of people have found relief by adhering to these remedies. You do not have to suffer from this ailment. Here’s our process. Turmeric contains curcumin, an anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial polyphenol, which soothes the gastric mucosa and reduces irritation in the gastrointestinal tract (21). It is not as gloomy as it sounds to be! Drink 3-4 glasses of tender coconut water a day. Mastic gum is often used to treat gastric ulcers as it can help to stabilize the stomach acids and also protect the lining of the stomach (24). Coconut oil contains antioxidants that can help reduce the oxidative stress being exerted on the stomach lining due to gastritis. What You … This fermented milk beverage contains a large number of microorganisms that make it a natural probiotic drink. Add a few carrots and celery stalks to make this juice healthier and tastier. Some cases of gastritis can be treated at home with simple remedies. Potato juice is a rich source of alkaline salts which react with the excessive acid present in the stomach (25). Eating broccoli several times a week is thus recommended to cure gastritis. Treat it with these effective and safe home remedies for quick relief. Not all remedies will work for everyone, so a person may need to try several of these before finding what works best for their case. Strain the decoction and drink this herbal tea. However, if symptoms do not go away, it is essential to speak to a doctor. In her spare time, she likes a little 'jibber-jabber, full of chatter' time with her friends. Share on Pinterest. Simply chew on a piece of the gum whenever you feel any symptoms of gastritis. Home remedies can help many people manage gastritis. Food rich in antioxidants like flavonoids can help soothe the inflamed stomach lining. MNT is the registered trade mark of Healthline Media. Pineapple contains digestive enzymes such as bromelain that help in digesting protein without causing any irritation to the stomach lining. We will help you understand what this condition entails and how it can be treated with remedies you can concoct at home in this article. Common medications prescribed for gastritis include: Last medically reviewed on January 5, 2020, Inflammation plays a role in many chronic diseases. StyleCraze provides content of general nature that is designed for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The stomach lining is responsible for producing the stomach acids and different enzymes for digestion. Gastritis is essentially an inflammation of the stomach’s inner lining. The primary cause of gastritis is when the stomach lining gets damaged. Chew on the ginger piece for a few minutes. Stress can cause gastritis flare-ups, so reducing stress levels is an important way to help manage the condition. While the cause of gastritis varies among individuals, there are some steps people can take to avoid bothersome symptoms. It often comes on with contact or shortly after consuming a food and drink. Try to identify which food item may be irritating your stomach. It also heals and protects the stomach and intestinal lining from damage and ulcers (28). Be sure that the coconut water is not tangy as that can cause acid reflux. Extract a cup of fresh cabbage juice and drink it. Green tea contains plenty of antioxidants that exert a protective effect on the stomach lining and alleviate gastritis symptoms. Mix well. Licorice, especially its root, also protects your stomach’s inner lining and reduces chances of ulcer from gastritis by stabilizing the stomach acids (23). Add either of the root powders to the hot water and leave it to steep for 10-15 minutes. In an inflamed state, it produces lesser quantities of these chemicals, hence causing the various symptoms (1, 2). Marshmallow is beneficial in soothing the inner lining of the digestive tract and stomach. This mucilage is beneficial for gastritis treatment as it soothes the irritated and inflamed stomach lining (20). The alkaline properties of potatoes help reduce bloating, cramping, excess gas and other symptoms of gastritis. All rights reserved. 4. If you ask her, she would say,"My cup of sanity - an extra large mug of coffee!". Make a paste by adding some water to the turmeric powder. Probiotics are known to accelerate healing of gastric ulcers while also helping with the eradication of H.pylori, one of the main causes of gastritis (13). Do not let this health condition cause discomfort and deprive you of your favorite food.

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