I don’t have any photos but will check with fam and see if they have any that I can send. In a move uncharacteristic for a Brother, Lind fully cooperated with police during No, I’m guessing he didn’t. she passed in October. Anyways, check out this guy’s profile, he has a ton of Mort videos posted…, lucian, Eric B., Bobby, and 6 others are discussing. Good idea. He was not on the Mass Murderers show, or Porn Perverts, or Racism/Nazis episodes. He said Lind specifically threatens Downey on the air. A man who helped rob former nightclub owner Eddie Nash more than seven years ago was the leadoff witness Thursday at a preliminary hearing for Nash and a former bodyguard accused of the 1981 slayings of four people in Laurel Canyon. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. We would love to get in touch with you . MORTON DOWNEY JR. SHOW (24 DVDS) ($40.00), http://www.ioffer.com/i/morton-downey-jr-show-24-dvds-185513586. ,” and finished others with “You got that, pal?”. I agree. I wish he would have taken Barbara with him that night. First, if they go to any other country other then The Philippians, they can and often do get legal shot. Makes perfect sense. Despite Lind’s cooperation with authorities and testimony in open court, both Holmes and Nash were fully acquitted. I guess she has been busy with other stuff. Graduating high school in your early 20’s WOW! their prosecution of pornographic film star Mr. John Curtis Holmes as well as Hollywood impresario Eddie Nash (a.k.a. Good work John.. You’re getting closer… can almost taste it.. on a separate note, Ronnie Launius was half Lithuanian. Maybe that WAS his prom date?? As I remember, she was the apple of everyone’s eye until her late teens when she got into drugs. Holmes, who Lind described as “weak,” became angry over his share, Lind said. **********************************************************. Oh well, for what it’s worth. -I guess I’m a big timer for spitting on an officer on Ambien in jail. Also, if he was in the Aryan Brotherhood, then Lodi is the place to foster those feelings. Adel Nasrallah) from 1982 through 1991. “I can’t wait that long, did you talk to Diaz?”. So sad. Is Laurie Holmes aka Misty Dawn the Butt Queen??? . Lind said that he and the other two men who did the actual robbery cheated Holmes, who planned it, and McCourt, the driver of the getaway car, out of their fair share of the loot. I’m back! One day people are going to find this and you want them to see how handsome you are!” lol This of course was before he got in touch with his inner bad ass. I would love to talk to someone who knew him but I do feel he was a loner. The Mort show only ran for 2 seasons I think. Wonderland investigator, Nils Grevillius, interviewed David Lind’s brother and it’s also in the Lind preliminary testimony, that the day before the murders, Lind left Wonderland to go and visit his old buddy, James Fuller, in Monrovia, CA. I’ve searched for I don’t know how long with no luck. That pic in the center is almost more menacing than the mug shot. . They were pretty small time. “He said, ‘Everybody’s dead, don’t go to the house.’ ”, John W, localarts, John, and 1 other are discussing. “Melvyn/Melvin Miller”. The gang trafficked drugs, mainly cocaine, throughout the late 70s. In 1961, a kid named David Lind graduated from Lodi High School.

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