FCK this shit!! Might be quicker. One piegonholes us into even less ideal gear. "these items have very strong and unique bonuses and therefore should be really rare.". We don't know numbers, but it's certainly not common. We cannot assume they will be useful just because we get them. ^ these two things must occur with an electronics roll for a good number of players. Description ; Reviews (0) Description. "You're wrong, I got the item in 10 kills.". This is ridiculous, considering there is a 1/6 of this happening naturally. Since launch.. Farmed Amherst's Apartment in 1.3 easily two hundred times and never got it. Named gear stat rolls aren't static. If the development team would like to chime in with the accurate numbers and explanations, along with an explanation for why these amounts of proper for the balance of the game, please do so. While many builds utilize electronics on their pieces, having chest piece rolled electronics forces the other rolls on all of your other gear to be perfect to use the item. Getting all of the meaningful named items with decent rolls will (statistically) take upwards of 100 hours of not playing the game with any enjoyment. That way if you're grinding for a particular piece of gear, you should know exactly what you're getting - So that when it drops you can be excited. You are in the < 1% of players. I understand it is a named weapon, but chasing these named items are making the game feel like 1.3 and below for me. -Minor: Enemy Armor Damage. -Or, give these items Static God-Rolls. The service guarantees the acquisition of the Coyote’s Mask. Skulls MC Gloves are the fastest to do, therefore the most common. Respawning hunters in Division 2 are an important mechanic allowing you to fight the hidden hunter bosses again in order to get the Division 2 Ivory Keys. A simple solution to the problem is adding a "bad luck protection" system. Only to introduce a new Gear Score to the game after only a month. Playing the same mission over and over for items is so ass backwards to what 1.4 was all about and it is pretty frustrating. Coyotes Mask Boosting. ~25 minutes for 15 bosses. These named items also drop from Field Caches. Categories: Division 2 boost, Division 2 Boosting, Division 2 Exotics boost, Division 2 Gear Sets Boost. Massive. If you manage to achieve gear that is perfect! I mean, I know that's the nature of the game, but it's still a little frustrating. To locate said side mission you’ll need to head to Downtown … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1524025-Drop-Rate-on-Named-Gear-Set-Pieces-is-MUCH-too-Low, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/1JTLivI7FDB0HeHIX0GePMLJd4bD-xarH3ZpNxPCX218/pubhtml. Tardigrade Armor System Exotic Talent The information below may not be fully correct, nor fully accurate. The list below includes all of the requisites items need to have to be competitive in PvP. The task of getting all of them, and getting all of them rolled well is a job. Any Ferro Mask where this cannot be rolled should be instantly sold. (And yes, if you are unlucky enough, you can play hundreds of hours and not see it, that is fairly broken to me.). So, 2 an hour, if you never miss one. The Laure chest-piece. gearing cheat sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/1JTLivI7FDB0HeHIX0GePMLJd4bD-xarH3ZpNxPCX218/pubhtml. I have ran lexington for about 10 runs a day since 1.5's release. According to data mined sources the chances of this Exotic chest dropping are 1% normal/hard 3%/challenging 5%/heroic 7%. Supply drops give a 3% chance for them to drop. No idea if the Tommy Gun is any good. These come every 7,000 UG experience. without needing to re-roll armor on-to the piece. But it appears they are just as rare, and you earn survival caches much more slowly. Congrats! Coyote's Mask - Thankfully, unlocking this item is fairly simply compared to the other gear listed here. The benefit from having these named items rolled BiS for PvE is not meaningful for this conversation. This is quite generous, but let's go with it. But for the large majority of everybody else, we cannot under all of these layers of "RNG" farm ourselves good versions of these items. You have a 1/4 chance that you will be able to recalibrate for a 1240+ Main stat. So the higher the difficulty the more likely it is for this armor piece to drop. While The Division 2 has gotten much, much better about targeted loot farms over the past year or so, some aspects of the system remain confusing. Ferro Mask: Rough Estimate, assuming each run is ~10 minutes? If you want to see this exotic chest in action check out the video above by Lust4Power. The Minor Attribute must include Enemy Armor Damage for reasons explained above. So when you finally get the item, it becomes automatically useless. -Increase the Drop Rate of these items with the understanding that most of these items simply won't be of use to us. It's the only reasonable solution since it still makes it rare for some but not impossible. But it remains at the 7% 1/14 drop rate (among gear set drops) alongside each other gear-set. Doing this would reduce the time it takes to get a certain piece of gear without making it more likely for (lucky) people to get it drop first time. Remember to add your feedback to loot rarity problem thread on Ubisoft Forums: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1524025-Drop-Rate-on-Named-Gear-Set-Pieces-is-MUCH-too-Low. This is not "RNG" this is impossible unless we take on the challenge and play the game for hundreds of hours. The following list is how long you will currently need to play to have a 50/50 chance of receiving one of the item: You will need to spend this amount of time for a 50% chance of receiving 1 of these items: The other named items are shit-tier and aren't worth discussing. The Division 2. Most weapons will roll with talents that just aren't useful. Doubling or Tripling the amount of time for 1 useful piece. Tommy Gun is a drop from Supply Drops. I have only got one single midas to drop for me. But with this mask, you don't get PxC, nor the higher experience gain for Field Caches. Played 1.4 for ten minutes and got it from a random enemy, only now it's not worth it. This is quite generous, but let's go with it. Only want one for the outfit alongside the Suit outfit DLC. In order to crack on with finding the Division 2 masks you’ll first need to find the Demon Mask, which you can do by completing a side mission where you’ll have your very first Hunter encounter. Again, no PxC. Any bonus gained from the mask effect is completely negated by missing this extra PvP damage which is found on many other masks you have found. Still having a hard time convincing myself to grind hard mode general assembly for a 1% chance at a drop, that may or may not roll well, that will be obsolete in the near future, though. Col. Bliss Holster: Assuming 15 minute runs? For sake of argument, the current meta gloves are WD + CC + CD. The unofficial home for discussing Tom Clancy's The Division and The Division 2; online RPGs from Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment. Running Lexington takes ~ 12 minutes accounting for optimal runs and feeling dead inside. You need 70 iterations of a 1% drop rate in order to have a 50% chance of receiving 1 of the item. For some reason I've been lucky with Midas. Problem: The amount of hours the current system of named weapons/gear is asking us to spend to achieve the items is too long. If they reset us completely again with the next dlc, im done. Armor rolls can vary widely between items. Calculating Weapon viability is outside the scope of what I've done so far, but let's just say I sell a considerable more weapons then I keep. Ammo Capacity is a game-changingly strong bonus in PvP providing the player upwards of hundreds of bullets. I like this, even if it is just really small increments each time. Tommy Gun is a drop from Supply Drops. I have easily built and semi optimized a multitude of gear sets and it has been raining guns. Not one other named piece. Shortbow Kneepads: These runs are 6 minutes each. This is most certainly bound to happen for a small group of players. While having PvE optimized named items would be nice, they simply aren't needed. You said these items were powerful, well show us that and make all of them powerful. -Cannot be Health or Health on Kill. Now though after grinding out a few more hours after continual play the drops basically dried up. ~25 minutes for 15 bosses. The Major Attribute must be Armor. And you forgot to write that holster is bugged and dont drop from mission :/ :/. Most Named weapons can be easily replaced with weapons found easily elsewhere throughout the game. Is not an argument, please use the drop rate numbers and time invested when debating this point. I'm hoping they come up with some type of infusion system. The formula for the likelihood of getting a drop within X kills is below: Probability of (getting 1 drop) = 1 - ( 1 - (1/100)) ^ # of kills. All in all, the rest of the loot system is fantastic. Has anyone ever tested the "Fatigue Effect" on The Division?

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