Observe and respect it. Now, she’s indirectly confirming their split. Apryl Jones Labelled 'Embarrassing' After "Best Of My Life" Lil Fizz Sex Comments. “You’re a straight shooter, and that’s what I adore about you! I bet he’s having a damm heart attack when he’s alone really feeling it. Initially, it was like her relationship with Lil Fizz will last forever as they’ve been showering love and affection for themselves on social media. But when asked if they were still together, she hesitated and chose her words wisely. The rumor was sparked after a fan realized that the couple no longer followed each other on social media, and neither had posted a photo of them together since November. On his page, though there are still photos of them together during happier times, it could be just him being too lazy to take them, or he is holding onto hope. Omarion has been handling this situation with class, respect for the mother of his children, andher partner, and that’s the best response you can get from a person who wants to stay in his own lane.Kudos “big time” to Omarion for showing his brand without “mona-scotts nasty narrative behind a story. And that is because Apryl was with Omarion first. Served him a few times at Red Lobster. It seems like Apryl really isn’t over Omarion and she got with Fizz to get a reaction from him that she’s never going to get. They even had two kids together. There’s some ex out here who hurt you and yall ain’t over it. Wow well.. Hes APPARENTLY shocked dissapointed and hurt by the betrayal of mr. Fizz and ms apryl. Stop that sh-t. Umm no. Fizz is corny and looks like a straight up weedhead. Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz's relationship has been a hot topic for the past couple months. No matter what my G!!! Apryl recently sat down on “Out Loud with Claudia Jordan” and seemingly addressed the recent breakup rumors between her and Fizz.. She said, “You know Dreux is a great man and his focus is on Kam, my focus is on my children and we are where we are, and I kinda wanna leave it there.” I feel when you are ready to listen you will understand. She had nothing to but kind words to say about Fizz, whose real name is Dreux Frédéric. And she’s not an attention seeker like Apryl so she won’t be on social media broadcasting their business. He gotta take his son too. Fizz is nobody without B2K and Omarion has continued to be relevant since the group broke up. He didn’t give any new details about their breakup. Rumors began to spread earlier this week that Apryl and Fizz had quietly broken up. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Apryl played herself. Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz relationship was hell of a controversial one. Apryl seemed to still be processing the situation, and though it’s not an explicit confirmation of a split, she clearly didn’t deny the rumors.. No wonder black people are religious sheep; look at what they be believe. Welp, Twitter is wasting no time clowning both of them, especially Fizz reminding him that he fumbled the bag for nothing and that Omarion still is very much unbothered. He is as REAL as they come!! His real feelings are what he displayed in this interview and what he’s displayed in his everyday life since breaking up with Apryl. Him and his family are so genuine and respectful and his kids are great! Bit he did handle the interview well and the good coue are being a little trashy, probably caring on for dem checks. She’s been spilling everything in her interviews and on the show. MsJennyb I wish more people would take note. A quick scan of Jones IG timeline and it’s wholly liberated of any evidence of a relationship between her and Fizz existed. Omarion my luv, u looking good handsome delicious and a mature Man U have grown to be, wishing u all the best u handle bs very well, what ever brought u and April to this split only u all know the truth, let ye not b judged I luv the 3 of u all and the babies may god continue to bless all of u and wishing u all the very best . Once his run on LHHH is over he will be forgotten. And he keeps it that way. They also have plenty to say about Fizz and Apryl Jones’ relationship. Omarion keep doing ur thing black man. out of all the ppl in the world you pick your childs fathers so called bestie. Fizz has had a lot to say on the show. Basically Omarion is wishing Apryl and Fizz the best in their relationship just stop bringing his name up simple as that I’m glad he spoke on this matter now everybody can let it alone Omarion only worry is his kids, Love his vibe. It was his plan to separate the parties again this year.”. They both unfollowed each other on Instagram and haven’t been seen together in recent weeks. Now, the couple constantly post photos together on Instagram and declare their admiration for each other on … So it seems like to me leaving her was best for him. But he could have told her now Aprly you pick band member Omarion never coming back you should of shown him you can be alone and maybe he was alone maybe y’all could find your way back to him mmmmm. My mom told me that there are always two sides to a story and April is not completely innocent in her break up with Omarion. She made herself look really bad & could’ve gotten Omarion’s attention just by being quiet, not by sleeping with his friend, Fizz, that I feel she’s only using him to get under Omarion’s skin or hust to hurt him! The video of her sleep on the floor Christmas Day and toasting with her friends was at Dreux’s house as well. talking bout gay…yall kid’s yourself. If I where Omarion. She also resented accusations that she broke B2K and was the sole reason a second reunion tour fell apart. The dirty macking duo has seemingly called it quits. Apryl loves Apryl and the attention right now when the attention stop buzzing down she gonna get pregnant with Fizz babies keep people talking again, This man is very mature about the whole situation love it, I agree Omarion is very humbled in his spirit and he looks better than both of them right now he looks better than April and Lil Fizz running off at the mouth there’s nothing attractive about that just buy Omarion is humble Spirit it makes him extremely attractive… even though April Jones says that she doesn’t know why he left I’m pretty sure she had a mouth on her that wouldn’t quit, You are right on this, because he just seems grounded. Omarion can pretend to be okay with the relationship, but hell no he’s not over it, that’s just a front, he’s not superman, men cannot handle what they dish out. I Really Have A lot Of Respect For Omarian! So ladys get marry then kids. A girlfriend gets angry with you and f-cks one of your friends. This tells me that Fizz was jealous of O all along. They had their first child on Love & Hip Hop so she was around all these people prior to her being pregnant. Candiace and Monique’s altercation has everyone talking. Earlier this month, the controversial relationship between Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones seemingly came to an end, as both parties scrubbed their Instagram accounts of each other. I am so happy that Omarion is so mature!!! In this case Mommy Knows best she seen all this coming Y’all do remember on season 1she was asking when was they going to jump start her career again. Why waste energy on spoiled milk? Son y’all really want Omarion to care that Apryl and Fizz are together now so badly. Oh and another not all women have multiple babies by men because they love them some just looking for a come up. Sooo I guess that had to date each other to become important. It wasn’t at his house. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Move on from them. And really let you know how she really feel. Despite the backlash, the couple has made it clear that they are going to be together. Big up to Omarion for being the grown up in the situation. Apparently, the reignited beef between the three started with Fizz’s decision to throw his own birthday party for Kamron and invite her estranged biological father to the party. So when you see someone displaying emotional intellect, you think they are being fake. She Goes On Social Media And Talk About Him But You Never Heard Omarian Say Nothing Negative About Her Or Fizz, He need to f-ck with ah B-tch like me tho!hi how R u, him sooo sexxy tryme‍‍‍‍‍️, It should of been Omarion made apryl relevant, Lil Fizz is keeping apryl relevant. Happy couples don’t spend all their time trying to rile up exes. I honestly could gave two f-cks if he is gay or not. Women like you and Apryl refuse to use common sense. “Black Ink Crew” star Sky has been open about her relationships with her sons. This is one of the most delusional comments I’ve ever read. Therefore I wouldn’t tell you either. She should be happy but I wouldn’t have stooped that low. They try to stick it out with that man, but sometimes things just don’t work out that way. What’s your point?! I know omarion isnt a bad person so she should find a new source to blame and own up to her part in the situation and not put it all on him, I am a older female and I believe in the old saying that “Hell has no fury like a Woman’s scorn!” I think Apryl is having the time of her life paying Omarion back for their breakup. “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” fans have been very opinionated about the current season. And I feel that Fizz has a lot of respect for you and all he can do is listen. He’s not saying anything about Fizz and Apryl because he doesn’t care. In fact,... Sky was afraid to contact her sons. “They’re still very much together. Should it matter absolutely not but people think it’s their business to know and will be hateful. He don’t want her and he has a right to be hurt if he choose to be that’s his business. That secret and not wanting his business out her struggling with that secret is gonna surface eventually. That’s that.

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